2 arrested for endangering 4 children, children found covered in feces, without clothes and locked in a room in Tyler

Tyler, Texas (KITK) – Two people were arrested this week for endangering children. Deputies to the Smith County Sheriff’s Office found four children inside a “very dirty” apartment. Some children were covered in faeces and locked inside a room without clothes.

Catelyn Shingley was arrested on Wednesday and charged with four counts of child endangerment. At 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Representatives also arrested 27-year-old Corey Evans, the father of two girls and an 11-month-old baby boy, involved in this incident. Evans was charged with four counts of child endangerment and his bond was set at $50,000 per count. He was booked into Smith County Jail.

On Wednesday, at about 10:10 p.m., MPs were called to 6100 of Rhones Quarter Rd for help with the EMS call. An 8-year-old called because his mother was unresponsive.

UT Health EMS and deputies arrived at the scene and spoke with the mother. She was identified as Catelyn Shingili, 26. She was responsive and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, law enforcement said.

Shingeli told MPs she had drunk earlier that day. EMS informed deputies that they saw an 11-month-old infant screaming in the crib next to a shengeli bed.

The infant was covered in feces that spilled from his full diaper, according to EMS. They had to change the baby’s diapers and clean the stools from them. Later, officials heard screaming in another part of the house. They found two four-year-old twin girls locked in a room, a large safe blocking the door.

The child who was screaming was begging the deputies for water. The other girl was sleeping on the floor with no clothes on, and she was next to a dirty diaper. Officials immediately provided the two girls with clothes and water.

Investigators were notified of the situation, and a deputy called Child Protective Services so they could get the children out. The Law Enforcement Office noted that the living conditions inside the caravan were “extremely inappropriate for children,” the sheriff’s office said. Officials also said that the house was very dirty and that every room had a pungent smell of excrement. The twin girls and the 11-month-old infant appeared to be in poor physical condition and malnourished.

Law enforcement said the 11-month-old was the size of a 3-6-month-old baby. CPS has taken the kids out of the house. The infant and twin were transported to UT Health for a medical evaluation.

“All children have been placed in a safe living environment,” the sheriff’s office said.

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