23 of the Best Sock Brands for Hosiery, Hosiery & Hosiery

It’s officially leggings season – so the best socks brands top our shopping list. With day skirts, mini dresses, and festive winter cocktails, tights and stockings are an essential part of the dressing pie. There are opaque, knitted, slim, and semi-transparent deniers to consider. Then, of course, black and skin-tone shades are the most classic of the hosiery, as well as the back-seam, lace, Swiss point, and fishnet designs. but the true The fun comes in the form of pantyhose—think unexpected colors like white, burgundy, and navy to complement a printed or monochromatic ensemble. There are festive styles that are well suited to holiday outfits, such as shimmering, jacquard, and rhinestone-adorned pairs. And in the winter months, heavyweight fabrics are the perfect move for socks, including wool-lined, cashmere-knit tights.

Whatever your preference, we’ve pulled out a mod for the 23 best sock brands for every taste, including Wolford, Falke, Skims, Fogal, Spanx, Gucci and many more. Scroll through to discover the stylish collection, and be sure to stock up on your favourites.

Austrian brand Wolford has been synonymous with high-quality, silky-soft socks since the brand’s inception in 1949. However, whether you lean toward sheer or opaque blacks, versatile black patterns abound, as do the print and flesh-toned designs in its various silhouettes. From compression tights to lace and rhinestones stockings.

Wolford Satin Touch Socks 20 denier

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Wolford neon cologne 40 dinars

Natori was founded by Josie Cruz in 1977 to bring lingerie from the world of sleepwear only to the forefront of fashion. Since then, tights and hosiery of all kinds have shaped the brand’s high-quality offerings. Look to Natori for sheer and opaque leggings, bolder, print designs, and cashmere woven patterns.

Natori cashmere-blend ribbed pantyhose

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Natori Tights with semi-transparent leopard print

Falk is another leading brand that has been specializing in luxury hosiery since 1895. From sheer stockings and hosiery to woven and colorful hosiery, the German brand offers just about every style you can imagine, whether you’re wearing pure black, very bold burgundy or herringbone.

Colon Falk Pure Matt 50 denier

Falke Haziness 80 denier Curvy Pantyhose

You love Spanx for shapewear, but the brand started with a pair of pantyhose. Founder Sarah Blakely cut the control top from a pair of tights to serve as a soft dress that can be worn under white pants. Since then, Spanx has introduced a range of leggings designed with signature shaping effects, from ultra-high-waisted silhouettes with thigh-high corsets to tummy control styles guaranteed to be without VPL.

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Tummy Shaper Spanx Tights

Skims by Kim Kardashian have dominated the lingerie and intimate market since its launch in 2018, and the brand continues to sell piece after piece. Socks are, in fact, part of the magic. Shop the label’s extensive size and range of skin tones, including opaque and semi-sheer, medium and full support tights as well as maternity styles.

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Maternity Solution Sled Tights

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Nude Support Socks

Swiss brand Fogal has been making luxury hosiery since 1921. It’s a mecca for every basic style you might need – from pantyhose to hosiery to hosiery – and the brand also collaborates with famous designers like Dries Van Noten, Ulla Johnson and Zadig & Voltaire to create the most modern styles. , such as monogram fishnets and floral lace stockings.

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Fogal Tights Ulla Johnson Eugenie

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Dries Van Noten x Fogal Bi-Tone 10 Denier Socks

Commando is another favorite corset that offers incredible socks. The brand’s bestselling products include the sheer opaque pantyhose with a matte finish to the sheer lace pantyhose.

Commando opaque matte cologne

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Sexy Commando Sheer Tights

Nordstrom is the mecca of all the bestselling socks brands, from Wolford to Skims to Falke, but did you know that their own brand also makes socks? Yes indeed, it’s the basics worth sock Top to Top – From top control opaque to cozy fleece lined styles.

Nordstrom darkened colon

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Nordstrom fleece-lined tights

Founded in 1986, the Italian hosiery brand Calzedonia has a large selection of hosiery, stockings, stockings, and more. You’ll discover the basics plus cashmere, fishing nets, and shaping designs. But statement-making patterns are some of our favorites, including bold patterns and festive rhinestones.

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Calzedonia 30 denier mesh polka dot shimmer flock style tights

Calzedonia flocked zebra pantyhose devoré

Celebrity designer Donna Karan is known for creating many must-have garments, including luxury socks. From basic blacks to various skin tones, these socks are essential items in your sock collection, whether you prefer the control tech of the upper or the thin sheer.

Super tights Donna Karan

Donna Karan Beyond Nudes Weight Control Pantyhose

Swedish Stockings was founded by Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg from the discovery that two billion pairs of tights are disposed of each year and a mission to reduce hosiery waste in landfills. The Ethical Label uses Econyl nylon yarn made from discarded fishing nets and an eco-dye process to create the ultimate tights. Offers range from semi-opaque black, brown and burgundy tights to jacquard and shimmering designs in black, gray and white.

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Josefin Swedish Tights Drop Jacquard Tights

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Swedish Olivia Premium Half Opaque Socks

One of the most beloved pieces of Uniqlo? Heattech Leggings – A winter staple worth stocking up on in colder climates. anyway Technically They are not tights, you can easily ditch them as such in certain shoe styles like boots. If you’re a fan of flare-ups at the ankle, the brand offers colorful nylon stockings, too.

Uniqlo Women’s Heattech Leggings

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Uniqlo Women’s Nylon Knee-Up Socks

Founded by friends Sandy Chilewich and Kathy Moskal in 1978, Hue hosiery is the go-to for everyday hosiery and brightly colored patterns, from sheer and semi-opaque designs to darker ones. It even offers anti-microbial winter tights to keep legs warm in the cold.

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Ultra opaque skeleton tights

Hue Thermalux Opaque Colon

Heist comfort socks cater to a wide range of skin tones and are technically engineered in Italy to create a soft, supportive base for any outfit. Overly restrictive or relaxed fits? There’s nothing here, whether you prefer one of the brand’s black or skin-tone styles.

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Stealing high nude tights 070

Thirty tights theft

COS is the perfect wardrobe solution for a distinct Scandinavian aesthetic in everything from architectural-inspired dresses and coats to easy layering pieces like knits and shirts. But other essentials, like tights, are part of the brand’s repertoire, including wool and cotton tights. It even carries additional patterns from Sheertex.

Sheertex founder Catherine Homethe found herself tired of the old concept of disposable socks, which led her to create a line of breathable, tear-resistant pantyhose in 2017. Inside, you’ll discover classic sheer and opaque, Swiss point, and back-seam patterns. Ribbed, shimmery and textured designs in the XS-3X size introduce the most daring moments in the hosiery.

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Colon shirts Argyle classic semi-transparent

Sheertex Striped Sheer Socks

You know and love the Hill House Home for fast-paced nap dresses, but founder Neil Diamond has a new standout piece up her decorative sleeve: black leggings. Inspired by her favorite dark pair she’d wear with bounty Ellis, Athena, and Nicelis in her personal wardrobe, the New York-based designer created the perfect pair that’s silky-soft to wear all winter long—trust us, they’re as durable as they are comfortable.

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For a luxe designer fix, it doesn’t get any better than these Gucci logo socks. The Italian House’s beige GG design is a fun alternative to skin-tone socks, while the black version easily swings between day and night wear.

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Hanes is as symbolic of socks and shirts as it is of socks. When stocking up on affordable sheer, opaque, and printed socks for the winter, Label is the go-to for everything from shaping pantyhose to top-control socks.

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Hanes Women’s Premium Pointed Perfect Socks

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Hanes Premium Women’s Opaque Socks

When all you need is stocking up on sexy lingerie, luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur is a go-to for all things sheer and lace-up—don’t forget the garter belt to complete the look.

Agent Provocative Amber Stretch Stockings

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Agent Provocative Amber Stretch Stockings

Nude Barre was founded by former dancer Erin Carpenter in 2009 to make the hosiery space more inclusive. An assortment of tights come in 12 shades to reflect the full range of skin tones, all tough enough for performance yet incredibly comfortable for everyday wear.

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Nude Barre 2PM Opaque Convertible Tights

Les Belles is a direct-to-consumer socks brand committed to making the most sustainable socks using 100% recycled fabric and 3D knit technology in a zero-waste factory in Italy. Founded by Cécile Antair—a French fashion lover, former lawyer, and proud entrepreneur living in New York City—Les Belles offers a wide range of tights, from opaque and semi-sheer blacks to special-edition glosses. They all come with an ultra-luxurious feel and are consciously designed for every gender, size, shape and personality.

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Les Belles Gloss Black Tights

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Les Belles semi-black tights


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