33 Best New Year’s Fitness Deals 2022: Sneakers, Sweats, Shorts, and More to Get Fit

Are the best fitness deals the key to unlocking the best fit and most active yet? Stylish new workout equipment will really Motivating you to get off the couch and move forward after your goals as soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve? Will ditching all of this amazing find will get you running a marathon, lifting 700-pound rocks, and working your way up to washing your abs? Honestly, nah — all of this has to come from somewhere deep down in you, and no amount of fancy sneakers and sweaty hoodies won’t conjure up that kind of commitment. But you still have to buy a set of them anyway, because showing up as the ultimate champ in the gym – once you find the strength to get there – will feel so good. And even if you don’t do Stick to your New Year’s resolutions and spend another year lazing around the house, at least you’ll have some pretty sick new clothes to do so.

No matter what you’re hoping to get next this year, from running to cross-training to yoga, we’ve found the best fitness deals on the latest and hottest workout clothes. It’s time to stop sweating through classic band tees and Sandler-sized basketball shorts, and slip into some next-level gear that’ll keep you warm outdoors, cool on the inside, and ready for whatever challenges your workouts face. Whether you need a high-performance jacket to hit new PR for dog days in February, a pair of thigh-high shorts to let your riders do the talking on the squat rack, or some new socks fly high with your outfit. Plush coaches, here’s everything you need to make 2022 the most relevant and stylish year yet.

Long Sleeve Tops

Lululemon Metallic Long Sleeve Shirt

Everything you could ask for in a cold-weather training shirt: a fabric that’s right in texture and wicks away sweat; smooth and unobtrusive construction; psychedelic as hell colorways.

Tracksmith ‘Phils’ Turtleneck

Add a touch of luxury to your next winter retreat.

Hoody Mountain “Ponto” Half Zipper

One of the softest, longest-running hoodies you’ll ever enjoy wearing.

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Everlane Track crewneck

Perfectly slouchy cut from heavy organic cotton, with a handy kangaroo pocket to stash your phone and keys.


Ganji Thermal Runner Zephyr Jacket

The water-repellent casing and lightweight insulation mean you’ll have no more excuses to skip running on a snowy morning.

Mother Karen original powder

Originally made for spring skiers in the ’70s, this gem is the perfect outer layer for all kinds of winter activities.

District Vision ‘Greg’ mother-of-pearl-trimmed cardigan

around the clock with the greatest possible comfort.

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Wilson Midway travel jacket

Big time in the early ’90s, bull energy.


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Rhone Reign . Short Sleeve Blouse

It’s still the gold standard for workout shirts.

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Ten thousand solid shirts

Built to take the ultimate hit in the gym, the washing machine, and everywhere in between.

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Alo Yoga Triumph Crew Neck T-Shirt

It’s all about this perfect shade of orchid.

Y, IWO beach printed cotton-blend jersey T-shirt

Because sometimes you just have to go to the full Muscle Beach bozo.


Jogger Lululemon Surge

Stretchy enough for gym use, and slick enough for street wear.

Satisfy the justice tights

Quick-drying, odor-resistant, UV-blocking leggings with a pair of back pockets to hold your phone and a snack.

Outer zip rectangle acoustic pants

Three-way convertible pant to make sure you’re always the right temperature on the road.

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adidas own the Run Astro pants

A technical upgrade on your Go-to adidas tracks.


Tracksmith Twilight Split Shorts

Showcase your games the way Larry Bird used to do.

Noah shorts Two-tone shorts

Nothing sets you apart as someone with big flair and sophistication like a pair of baggy running shorts.

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Nike Flex Stride 5″ 2-in-1 Running Shorts

With a built in liner to keep everything in its proper place.

Ten thousand short period

Infinitely versatile and thoughtfully designed as a pair of workout shorts.


coffee wool belt

A great all-time, fleece filled running hat for the colder months.

CLN hat goals

fierce of all kinds.

3.0 . Running Roof Raised

Weightless you may even forget you’re wearing it.

Houdini Activist Treemerino Balaclava

For those really awful white workouts.


Nike Everyday Plus Tie Lined Socks (Two Pairs)

You have ’em in white. You have ’em in black. Now you need ’em in tie-dye.

Olivers Merino wool crew socks

The beautiful appearance of the old school, the performance of the new school.

7 Days Active + Argon 18 Stretch Socks

The chessboard wave continues to roll.

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All-weather running sock

Designed to ensure your toes stay dry and warm – no matter how wet the conditions.


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On the Cloudflyer Waterproof Running Shoes

On-high performance runners get a waterproof upgrade to keep your feet dry during mud, sleet and rain.

Asics HN1-2 Gel-Venture Shoes

Serious comfort and street-ready aesthetics for under 100 adults.

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Nike Air Zoom AlphaFly NEXT% Racing Shoe

Good enough for Eliud Kipchoge, good enough for you.
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Hoka One One Clifton 8

Nobody does better cushioning than Hoka One One.


Westward Leaning Volt 03 Sunglasses

So cool, you’ll want to pair it with your regular outfit – and we totally encourage that.

bass normal studios control cycling gloves

Defeat frostbite.

Eden Power Corp x Nalgene Star Bottle

It’s easy to stay hydrated when your water bottle is wavy as hell.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Smart Watch

Not a fan of Apple Watch? Try this Alexa-powered beauty for volume.

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