6 of the best Air Jordan collaborations of 2021 – Footwear News

Jordan Brand has worked with some of the most talented names in the industry throughout 2021 to deliver many coveted collaborations.

The Air Jordan 3 was included in this year’s Best of the Year, reimagined by A Ma Maniére, which received the 2021 FNAA Collaboration of the Year award. Aside from A Ma Maniére, the label has worked with countless designers, retailers, and musicians such as Aleali May, Billie Eilish, and others.

Below, famous collectors discuss their favorite Jordan co-ops of the year.

A Ma Maniére Air Jordan 3 “Raised by Women”

A Ma Maniére Air Jordan 3

A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 3.

Credit: Courtesy of A Ma Maniére

“I think my Jordan collaboration for this year would go with most people’s sentiments. What James has done with A Ma Maniere 3 is nothing short of a masterpiece. His ability to make releases with purpose and connection is almost unparalleled. I love that he made sure that the initial release went to women Strictly because the shoe is a nod to the amazing woman in his life.Moreover, when you look at the implementation of the shoe, you realize how special this shoe is. It might be interesting, but I feel when we look back and things settle down. It will be considered one of the best 3 seconds ever “. – Ricky Shoubio

A Ma Maniére Air Jordan 1 “Air” high

A Ma Maniére Air Jordan 1

A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 1.

Credit: Courtesy of A Ma Maniére

“It’s no secret that James Wittner has had a banner year, but none of his projects have been as straightforward and polarizing as the AMM AJ1. Unlike other sneakers whose messages seemed more universally translatable, the AJ1 shoe broke the gentrification taboo as it related to black culture. Although Its simplicity is on the surface, yet the beauty of this shoe lies beneath the surface, from the MJ quotes to the quilted lining. The images of strength were a beautiful bow to wrap this gift-wrapping, depicting the theft of a culture resold to the one that created it.” – David “Carrie” Daniels

Aleley My Air Jordan 1 Zoom Comfort “Calivia” and Air Jordan 14 Low “Fortune”

Alelie May Air Jordan 14 Low net worth

Aleali May x Air Jordan 14 Low “Fortune”.

Credit: Courtesy of Nike

“Being fortunate enough to have both the collaboration between Aleali and Jordan Brand this year, I can say that this tandem qualifies as the Best Jordan Collaboration for 2021. Another layer pulled off what shaped Aleali into the icon that she is today, taking us into her mid-school days. Inspiring, with the Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT “Califia”. Let’s not forget that it was accompanied by the first-ever full-wear capsule of a women’s collaboration in Jordan. Follow it up with her deeply rooted black and Filipino cultural traditions passed down from her grandmothers, outlined in taupe, jade and gold. Athletic.” – TJ Kisal

Off-White Air Jordan 2 Low

Off White x Air Jordan 2 Low Boot

Off-White x Air Jordan 2 Low “varsity red.”

Credit: Courtesy of Nike

“JB’s Virgil 2s weren’t on my list so I cried a little while looking at pictures of him as a kid in Chicago wearing an Air Jordan from head to toe. Those pictures reminded me why I’m wearing Jordan’s clothes now, and made me think excited because he must have been He works on every one of these jays. That’s storytelling.” – Ruby Falchi

Billie Eilish Air Jordan 15

Billie Eilish x Air Jordan 15

Collaboration with Billie Eilish x Air Jordan 15.

Credit: Courtesy of Nike

“I think it’s important for brands to recognize the diversity of thought among women, and Bailey is a great style champion for that girl who bends types and doesn’t necessarily sit in a box.” – Jazari Allen Lord

Billie Eilish Air Jordan 1 KW

Billie Eilish x Air Jordan 1 kw

The Billie Eilish x Air Jordan 1 KO.

Credit: Courtesy of Nike

“Now when I think of sneaker shoes, Billie Eilish isn’t really the first name that comes to mind, respectfully, but nowadays we’re seeing more and more artists getting sneakers and apparel on a regular basis. With all that being said, her AJKO’s was cool And I’m upset because I missed it. The silhouette came completely dressed in ‘Ghost Green,’ which we’ve seen dye her hair over the years. It’s also great that she went the sustainable route using these 100% plant-based and 20% recycled materials.” – Henri Francois

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