A guide to the best winter gloves

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Gloves are not accessories. It’s a necessity. If you leave your home and forget your earrings, watch, water bottle, or pocket knife, you may decide to move on without them. If you forget your gloves in the wrong weather, you’d better believe you’re booking them at home. Gloves keep you warm, protect you at work, and generally add a layer of security to your clothing. Choosing the right people for the right situation can be a daunting task. And to help you make that decision, we’ve got some of the best gloves for this winter.

Hit 3 Special Force

True to its name, the special power HEAT 3 warms your hands thanks to its modular design. If ACRONYM were to make the gloves (Errolson, if you’re reading this…), they would look, feel and work like HEAT. Designed for the German and Austrian armies, you know they don’t mess around. The HEAT 3 Special Force features a glove and thumbstick that fold down to reveal the integrated liner. An additional pocket on the back of the hand provides room for stowage – just like the Prada gloves popular this season – while the grab straps ensure that none of them get dropped in the snow.

Heat 3 Special Power

Mechanics M Bucket Wolf

For more fans of military-grade handguards, the M-Pact Coyote is built for everything from military training to maintenance and repair. The gloves are as durable as they look, and feature heat-impact rubber protection across the knuckles (just in case you felt punching the wall after selling CDG Foamposites at Dover Street Market). Internal fingertip reinforcements mean these gloves strike above their weight in more ways than one, while the synthetic leather on the outside makes the gloves touchscreen compatible. Don’t you love it when you can swipe through TikTok without taking your gloves off?

M-Pact Coyote Tactical Work Gloves

Arctrix Row Glove

If M-Pact Coyotes is like a tank, think of the Rho as your sports car. In a way, everything Arc’teryx makes looks great in autofocus, and these minor bottlenecks are no different. The glove is very lightweight and keeps warm well on its own (surprisingly, even), but it’s so thin that you can also use it as a liner and combine it with something more rugged if the weather demands it.

roe glove

Jacquimos trimmed leather gloves

High-tech performance gloves are great, but you don’t feel luxurious until you’re wearing these leather-trimmed Jacquemus gloves. Not only are they some of the warmest and most comfortable gloves I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing, they have the added function of making you look like a teddy bear. The gloves are made of 100% lambskin and feature a strap at the wrist with the subtle Jacquemus branding on them. If there is a Maybach equivalent in the glove world, this is it.

Leather-trimmed shearling gloves

Highcamp 3 Finger Outdoor Research Gloves

Before I got my hands on the Highcamp 3-Finger Gloves from Outdoor Research, I was incredibly skeptical. Since I’ve never worn Tabi shoes, I wasn’t sure the goatee-like trend should be encouraged to jump into our hands. However, once all my doubts were gone, the fit was incredibly self-evident. Synthetic insulation means the glove doesn’t sacrifice weight for warmth, while the water- and wind-resistant exterior sits atop a lining that, when unfolded, is touchscreen compatible. Imagine the Tabi GORE-TEX Nike Air Force 1 High shoe, and you’re not scratching the job surface of this three-toed glove.

Highcamp 3 Finger Gloves

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