A Massachusetts thrift store makes its own ugly Christmas sweaters, using recycled materials and supplying growing demand.

There are many classic traditions during the holiday season, from building gingerbread houses to decorating the tree. But there are also some other goofs, like ugly Christmas sweaters, that have grown in popularity in recent years.

West Springfield savers sell all kinds of holiday jackets at affordable prices. From the black option with the phrase “Never stop believing” to the red zipper with socks, to children’s clothing, the thrift store has something for everyone.

Every year, Savers sees so much interest in holiday sweaters that the options are moving quickly, said Brianna Lyons, MassLive’s director of retail. Realizing this high demand, Savers began using the materials in the store to make more hideous jackets, getting creative in recent years.

Lyons explained that after about six weeks, Savers recycles items that haven’t been sold or shipped to other regions. So during ugly sweater season, Savers employees head to the store and take items that are about to be shipped, including sweaters and items, and the costumes together look for their customers, cutting costs for easier access.

In addition to staff making the pieces, Savers also sets aside sweaters and craft supplies so customers can make their own.

“Everyone is kind of engrossed in this aesthetic,” Lyons said, adding that jackets with holiday words and expressions are going faster than other pieces this year.

Salvage Angel of Norwood also makes holiday jackets. Devin Murphy, director at the vintage market, told MassLive they’ve seen the ugly sweater phenomenon grow in recent years, with donations staying strong and options flitting off the shelves. Their selection ranges from vintage sweaters from the ’60s to pieces made just 5 years ago.

Prices range from $10 to $60 depending on the items. Some of the sweaters that Murphy has featured include one featuring Rudolph, with a red pom-pom for the nose and another red sweater that has a wreath with bells and sparkles.

Murphy said he enjoys seeing how ugly Christmas sweaters have evolved over the years in her selection.

While thrift stores sell these sweaters, people across the state are wearing it everywhere from holiday parties to work.

The Friendly Toast in Danvers is an example, where employees dress up in their sexiest holiday clothes once a week.

“At The Friendly Toast, we strive to be different. We encourage our team members to have fun and be themselves day in and day out. “Ugly Sweater Sundays are our day to get together during an insanely busy time like the holidays while bringing smiles to our guests”

The Republican and MassLive also got in on the fun.

Newspaper employees dressed up in Christmas clothes in the office last Wednesday as part of the company’s holiday celebrations.

Ugly Blues Day 2021

GOP employees design their own ugly jackets while on vacation

News editor and reporter Heather Morrison of MassLive Breaking also tweeted a photo of her festive jacket, featuring a corgi dressed in reindeer antlers.

Want to share your festive jacket? Comment on a photo on MassLive’s Facebook page.

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