A woman is afraid to show off her body while a teenager faces fears by swinging an excessive dress

A woman confronted her fashion fears by wearing an extremely short dress.

Jessica Blair boasts 367,000 followers on TikTok and often posts body positive content, flaunting her natural curves in a range of trendy outfits.

After feeling confident enough to wear a dress she never thought she could wear as a teen, the American influencer took to the video-sharing app to prove her past wrong.

She explained in the caption, “I’m a teen who could never understand wearing a dress like this and showing it on the internet but yeah, this dress is sexy and so am I!!”

But despite Jessica feeling confident in the dress, the 23-year-old’s latest video has caused people to be a bit distracted.

In the first clip, Jessica shares a shot of the dress on the model.

Woman in front of the model picture in dress
Jessica shows off the unusual dress

The long black dress features a center slit that has been replaced by dangling gold chains, revealing the leather underneath.

Confident about the body, Jessica posted a series of snaps of her wearing the chained dress.

In the photo series, she flaunts her figure in her bodycon outfits that glow in the sunlight.

Jessica has since received many comments about the dress from Australian fashion brand I.AM.GIA – and her video has been viewed 6.3 million times.

Woman wearing gold chain and black dress
Jessica wears a sexy dress

Many people have fled to the comments out of fear of Jessica’s confidence and amazing personality.

Another person said: “She looks great!!!”

Another person said, “This costume is made for you. Slaughter.”

And this user complimented: “You look so pretty, don’t believe others, they’re so rude.”

Despite all the positivity, some fear that they won’t be able to take off the dress as Jessica did.

Some were confused by the gold chains attached to the dress.

One person commented: “You are amazing but the design makes my mind go crazy. It looks like your skin is melting.”

Another user added: “It’s not you, it’s the dress.”

A third person said, “It’s a strange design, except that it makes both of you look like your skin is melting.”

Do you wear it? Let us know in the comments below.

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