Amazon Prime Personal Shopper chooses clothes for you

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Online shopping is convenient, but only if you know exactly what you want to buy correct size. Otherwise, you could spend hours searching through virtual clothes racks and still get cut short. But we’re not suggesting you be brave at the mall for your New Year’s Eve costume—instead, let Amazon Personal Shopper by Prime experiment before you buy to pick out the best looks for you.

Amazon has assembled a diverse team of over 250 professional stylists, trained in current trends, styles, and proportions to help you find the perfect look for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for party wear or just a few new sweaters every day, you’ll start by filling out a style profile with simple but detailed questions: How often do you wear chic, vintage, or casual? What is your body type? What patterns or colors do you try to avoid, and what parts of the body do you like to highlight? How comfortable are you to spend?

You can also add your Instagram handle or Pinterest board as inspiration. From there, note any special requests, such as whether your outfit is for a specific occasion. Your stylist will curate a look book for you based on your feedback within three days, and you can then choose up to eight pieces your stylist pulls to try at home. You have up to seven days to try it out, pick the pieces you actually want to keep, and recharge the rest.

You are only charged for the $4.99 design session and items you have already decided to purchase. There are no upfront fees, and you can easily send the items you don’t want back in a re-sealable box with a prepaid label. But note: Personal Shoppers are for Prime members only, so be sure to sign up or sign up for a free 30-day trial to reap the benefit.

One user said: “I loved seeing new patterns I hadn’t seen yet on Amazon search.” “Sometimes the search seems difficult. [Personal Shopper] I consolidated my options in an easier-to-understand format. “

If you’re super curious about what to wear but don’t have time to browse through the million-plus Amazon deals, you can live chat directly with your stylist to request a specific look. Let them know what you hope to wear, as well as what you are for sure don’t do I want to wear; You can also call up your favorite brands, colors, styles and budget, so that your wardrobe can be coordinated according to your taste and needs.

Fashion fans can submit designer orders monthly, but you can also go bi-monthly or even quarterly if you don’t need new things often. If you know what you like and don’t want to go through a personal shopper, simply use the Amazon Prime Try before you buy feature to have up to six items shipped to your home at once to try them out first. Like the Personal Shopper program, you only pay for what you keep, and returns are free.

Whether you’re looking for eye-catching clothing or your favorite track pants, let the designers from Amazon’s Personal Shopper help you find the right one. Below, check out some of the New Year’s Eve picks that Amazon designers are loving right now—and using code PS10 Get $10 off your order of $50 or more until December 31.

Buy it! In’Voland sequin dress, $59.99 – $79.99;

Buy it! Vince Camuto Women’s Velvet Long Sleeves Dress, $148 – $153.20;

Buy it! Seta Apparel Sarkissian Women’s V-Neck Dress, $270;

Buy it! Badgley Mischka Women’s Billie Sneakers, $103.51 – $241.40;

Buy it! Anna Silky V-Neck Midi Drop Dress, $26.45-$49.90;

Buy it! Jessica McClintock Hailey Bow Clutch, $52;

Buy it! Alex Evenings Plus Size Velvet Dress, $81.98 – $193.86;


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