Big Sister Swap: New Size All-Inclusive Dressing Service

Is your closet groaning with clothes you’ve never worn? But somehow, I still need to more? Maybe it’s time to get to know Big Sister Swap, the dress-up service that goes viral on TikTok, RN.

Founded by Hudi Charin, Big Sister Swap is an innovative clothing exchange platform that happens to be size inclusive, better for the environment, and stylish.

Hody came up with the idea for the platform after realizing that there were a few options for updating your wardrobe without breaking the bank and harming the planet. As she explained, “Every really sustainable option was expensive, and not every affordable option was sustainable.” Let’s face it; It’s a fashion pickle we can all relate to.

her idea? Create a big sister swap [BSS], naturally. “When I realized there was no online option like this, I set it up the next day,” Hody explains. “I called it Big Sister Swap because I grew up with a brother, and I always fantasized about having an older sister to share clothes with. I loved the idea of ​​being one for someone else!”

The process is simple. First, you purchase your chosen Swap option, based on the amount of clothing you wish to donate and the amount you wish to receive in return. Next, you fill out a form explaining your style and sizing preference, before posting your unwanted clothes. You will then receive handpicked garments taken care of in the mail. Can’t you love him?

It’s clearly a more sustainable way of shopping, Hody explains, “It keeps the clothes circulating, and they avoid being sent to landfill.

“It is a truly circular model, which helps reduce fast fashion influences from both ends of an item of clothing in a lifetime. By doing this, and sourcing used clothing rather than buying new, we estimated that our exchangers saved approximately 80 million liters of water.”

Oftentimes, sustainable shopping options tend to cater to only straight-size people (people who aren’t plus-size). This is where Big Sister Swap *really* stands out. Hudi tells GLAMOR that “plus-size consumers are often left out of the sustainable fashion conversation, with the majority of sustainable companies still only offering straight sizes.”

This is why Big Sister Swap has an “Every Size Guarantee”, which means “Anyone who asks for a swap, no matter their size, we’ll be sure to find clothes for them.” Sometimes this can mean that the service incurs a financial loss in some trade-off as they buy clothes from other used sources to complete their package.

“I still find it sad that one of the most frequently asked questions from potential trade-offs is ‘Oh, I’m sure you wouldn’t be my size though,'” Hody says. “Their bodies are automatically invalidated by a company, and I am very proud to say that we will never be.”

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More than just a shopping service, Big Sister Swap also offers custom-made options. Which means that all styles are taken care of. Hody explains how this is accomplished, saying, “We truly believe that swaps trash is another barter treasure, which is why we can vouch for every style!”


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