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Editor’s Notes: First presented at the beginning of this year, the themes for the GmbH Autumn/Winter 2021 collection are inspired by life in lockdown but take on new significance as the end of 2021 approaches.

The group is titled The world on wires (which translates to “world on a wire”) After director Rainer Werner Fassbender’s 1973 science fiction television series where a supercomputer hosts an artificial world in which “identity units” live as humans. It’s as if the presentation depicted Facebook’s deep dive into the metaverse that escalated into a computer-generated environment to become one of the most thought-provoking topics of the year and the collection is being released now that the world is one step closer to similarity (admittedly less scary). ) common virtual worlds.

However, the German label didn’t make this apparel as an embrace of the ever-evolving digital landscape, on the contrary – focusing on materialism and reliance on analog at a time when the world needs it more than ever.

Cutting and shaping fabrics to sculpt a collection focused on how the wearer interacts with the real world Serhat Ishik and Benjamin Hosebe, the design duo behind the label, gave the hands-on IRL experience they’ve been craving. According to a statement from the brand, “All clothing refers to life anywhere, but within our homes. Whether that means going to the opera or club, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, or sailing. You choose your adventure.” “

The result is neon green skinny tops where the brand’s X-shape wraps stretch the jersey fabric across the wearer’s chest and shiny black feathered pants. These are items that make a statement by experimenting with fabric.

Complementing these pieces, the poster takes on more basic elements such as T-shirts and hoodies that are treated with cut-out shapes and include logo graphics inspired by the title sequence of the series for which the collection is named.

Overall, at a time when worldwide lockdowns are reintroduced and brands like adidas and Balenciaga dive upside down into the metaverse, GmbH Autumn/Winter 2021 is going a long way toward satisfying our desire for an adventure beyond our four walls.

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