Christopher John Rogers creates the most elegant clothes for self-expression

It’s been a big year for Christopher John Rogers, and the 2021 American Designer of Women’s Clothing Designer of the Year 2021 has concluded by dropping a new collection that will surely delight his fans and customers, or anyone who just loves to look at pretty things.

For Group 009, Rogers continued to build on and develop the symbols and signatures of his namesake brand. The designer honed his client—”individuals who keep searching for the tools Rogers creates for independence and self-expression,” according to the group’s notes—and thought about the tools he wished he had in his youth. He contemplated growing up in the South and the willingness, decency, and connectedness that dictated how people were expected to dress, and married that aesthetic with more idiosyncratic influences: “An early teen spent browsing online forums, navigating video games and perusing individuality in second-hand stores” as well as balls Paper bags, trash bags and trash bags.


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