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Bold youth designs stand out in the highly-subscribed fashion field

During his school days, when most boys his age were playing soccer, Ratanang Morunchi was more interested in fashion, spending hours combing through magazines to keep up with the latest trends.

That fixation has only gotten stronger over time, as the 27-year-old looks to make his way to the top of the fashion industry with his bold designs.

Morunchi, who started Ra-Mor Designs in 2016, told Voice Money that his upbringing has had a huge impact on his work.

“What makes my designs unique is the elegance and spirit of creativity. Most of the designs I have shown so far have wanted to express myself, about myself, as I grew up in a rude place at school, at home.”

Indeed, those early days served as a template for what designer Moronchi would become.

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“I grew up in a space full of ladies’ attention. I was inspired by her madness and taught me to be more practical. So I am inspired by haute couture and avant-garde style – which drives me to create. I also love a more sense of drama and it shows through my designs.”

In 2013, upon completing high school, the Mmadinare-born embarked on a career in fashion and turned his dream into a reality.

“I joined the Tlokweng Brigade to study tailoring and after that I went to Limkokwing University where I got a diploma in Fashion and Textile Design. In addition, I am about to complete my degree in Professional Design at the university.

Moronchi sheds light on his work, revealing, “Ra-Mor Designs is shot from my birth name. It mostly offers ladies wear, street wear, dinner wear, bridesmaids wear, runway sets and photography wear.”

“I intend to start designing men’s formal wear as well. We also offer basic lessons that can empower aspiring fashion designers in the country.”

Despite his lack of finances, having to juggle work and school and struggle to establish himself in a field full of talent, Moronchi’s determination and unique style implied Ra-Mor’s survival.

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Working from his home in Mogoditshane, Block 9, the fun-loving designer has big plans for his project.

“We are currently operating in Gaborone with the option to show and deliver outside the greater Gaborone area. People have supported my products a lot and I will continue to provide the absolute best apparel to grow my brand,” said Morunchi, who previously showcased his creations on the Masa Show Mentorship.

And the ambitious youth concludes, “Thank God, if this epidemic comes to an end, I believe that in three years I will have a large operating company with different branches, printing and clothing design.”

(Issue V1229 FRIDAY 24.12.2021)
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