Community Spotlight: Children’s Wardrobe

Harrisonburg, Virginia (WHSV) – Kids’ Wardrobe has been helping kids feel their best since 1994.

“We realized there was a need for families who weren’t getting help but were working and just needed a little extra help, and we found baby clothes to be the place for us,” said Artie Frederick, Children’s Wardrobe Manager.

The ministry began in McGaheysville UMC, but due to its growth it has since expanded to its own building on Smithland Road next to Cedar Grove UMC.

From newborns to high school students, the kids wardrobe has clothes, shoes, and supplies for anyone who needs them. Once a month, kids can shop and pick out some clothes to take home for free.

“We have been summoned. Christ has told us, in his word, that we must love one another, and love him first, but then love others,” Frederick said. “We have been given this power to help, and that is why we are here.”

And while dressing up is important to stay warm in the winter, kids’ wardrobes are open all year long so kids can feel their best no matter the season.

“If they can go to school and feel good about themselves, it makes a difference in their work, in their behaviour, and it helps their family,” Frederick said.

Children’s Wardrobe has around 300 registered families, and it helps more than 600 children in the area.

“Families that come to us are much appreciated, and they come back. They will get the clothes, and when their children are older than them, they will bring them back, and we will wash and tag them and hang them again,” Frederick said.

Some of the things a wardrobe always needs are new underwear, gently used socks and pants for boys sizes 6 through 8, and diapers.

“This is a real need for working families because buying diapers for a baby is between $70 and $90 a month,” explained Frederick.

They can also use more volunteers so they can be more open, as they are looking to expand this year.

“We’re hoping to have a storage building. We’ve really outgrown our space here. We’d like to have more space for prams, cribs, and things people need,” Frederick said.

If you’d like to help out with the kids’ wardrobe, or get involved, you can go to their website

You can also find some other ways in which they serve the community, for example through servicing care equipment.

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