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Model Daniela Chavez and Alexa Delanos with Charms in 2×1 | Instagram

Among the models of social networks there are strong relationships thanks to the brands with which they collaborate. In this case, we will deal with two favorites of netizens, Chilean Daniela Chavez and American Alexa Delanos, who met to spend quality time together and continue Represent to Nova fashion.

These are two videos shared on both Alexa and Dani’s profile, some clips where we can see that the two get along really well and they met in a pretty picture Resturant in which they were using one Dresses Plus flirtatious And elegant, In addition, they exchanged drinks together and toasted their achievements.

One of .’s favorite activities Chile She roasts all those positive situations that have happened in her life and now that she’s been able to do it with one of her co-workers it has made her feel even happier that there are people like her who work so well for her. .

Just yesterday we saw how Daniela assumed to us that she gave herself an expensive birthday present, a bag by the brand ‘Hermes’ that costs a lot of money and despite the fact that many people might consider it a mistake, considers it a luxury that can be given thanks to their hard work and dedication.

this famous way impact He was honored for his achievement of exceeding 15 million followers on Instagram as well as celebrating years of all the accomplishments he has achieved after dreaming of achieving his goals for so long.

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Daniela Chavez / Instagram
Daniela Chavez loves to represent the stylish brands she wears.

From Alexa Dellanos, we know that the young woman also has a huge drive to continue her work as an influencer and so much more now that brands have put their trust in her to continue promoting their clothing collections.

While the beautiful American continues to enjoy all the fruits of her dedication, many netizens still believe that she should have followed in the footsteps of her mother Mirca de Llanos, the popular Telemundo presenter who made her way as one of the top Latin TV presenters in the US, one reason why It makes them think that the young woman is missing the opportunity, however, she has always dreamed of being a model and now that she is, she will not give up or be influenced by any kind of comments.

Some netizens thought Alexa had given up and that she kept facing such comments and that’s why she gave up on her audience, however, she emphasized that she only took a small breath to continue posting with energy and feeling good about you needing to take a little break from everything that’s going on on the networks.

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