Drying Venetian Clothes for the Blind is a game changer in small spaces

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  • During the winter months, finding a space to hang clothes to dry can be difficult, however, the Venice Blind Clothes Drying Method is a shortcut to drying clothes in a small space.

    Liverpool’s Joel Thomas discovered the unique drying rack idea when he and his wife were struggling to find a space to hang clothes to dry in their tiny porch home.

    My wife was complaining that there wasn’t enough space for her to dry our clothes – something that happens regularly in our crowded house! She was adamant that she didn’t want to buy a dress horse because we only have a small house on the porch and are really struggling for space,” Joel told 247 Blinds.

    Blind venetian clothes drying hack

    As a solution, Joel suggested hanging the laundry on the Venetian blinds above the radiator. Unsurprisingly, Joel’s wife didn’t immediately take on the idea of ​​jeopardizing the new curtains by trying to dry the laundry quickly.

    Venetian blinds in the bathroom with green plants

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme / Future Publishing

    “She was totally against the idea at first, worried that the wet laundry would end up pulling on the newly replaced curtains,” Joel says. “I was able to convince her that they would be strong enough to withstand some light clothing, and so she came home to the curtains after home to all our socks and pups!”

    Surprised by how effective the hack was, the couple made it a part of their weekly wash routine. “It works well with small clothes and underwear, and is now an essential part of our weekly laundry regimen.”

    If you’re hoping to save on energy bills, by skipping the dryer and letting socks dry naturally, this space-saving hack might be worth trying.

    Socks hanging from the venetian blinds

    Image credit: Joel Thomas

    However, to ensure they are effective and not damaged, 247 Blinds in-house consultant Michelle Wall recommends cleaning the blinds first and using them only for light items.

    “Start by wiping the blinds quickly to get any dust or dirt off the surface before placing items on top of them,” she says. When it comes to hanging, be careful not to put anything too heavy on the curtain as this could pull it down or damage it. A tip is to keep the weight evenly distributed across the curtains to avoid stress in one area.

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