Everlane’s post-holiday sale is packed with winter essentials

After weeks of anticipation—and yes, compulsive shopping for the perfect gift for everyone on your list—the holidays are here. And while you might be in trouble to find a last minute gift to make under your Christmas tree, it is. never Too late for treatment yourself to some new themes. (After all, it’s in your best interest to start 2022 on a chic note.) Fortunately, Everlane has just launched its year-end sale, where you can get deep discounts on jackets, jeans, outerwear, and so much more.

Founded in 2010, it has become the direct-to-consumer retailer of A place to store well-made necessities. Not only does the company strive to use sustainable materials and manufacturing procedures, but its transparent pricing model also gives you peace of mind about where your money is going. While the retailer adds a few more items to their merchandising section from time to time, they rarely have site-wide discounts. (But, when does that happen? It’s one of those sales you’ll add to your calendar and update the website every few minutes so you can get your first dips.)

From now until December 31, Everlane is slashing the prices of its popular clothing, shoes, and accessories. And since we’ve got feel sizes and colors that will take off off the digital shelves, you won’t want to hold back on this sale.

While we can all agree that the year-end sale of Everlane shouldn’t be missed, the next question is a little more personal: What to buy? Fortunately, Everlane has something to suit every type of style. Looking for jackets or button-downs that look good on Zoom and IRL? Everlane has you covered. Need to pick up some jeans? The brand has those too. Or, if you want to spice up your wardrobe with some fun accessories, now is the time to do so. After all, when the deals this is Well, you’ll want to subscribe to the “new year, new” mindset (and new wardrobe), stats.

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