Fashion Nova donates $25,000 to emerging designer Tia Adeola

Supported by Belief in the power of womenFashion Nova, the leading fast-fashion brand, recently launched a charitable initiative called “Women on Top” in honor of March, historically known as Women’s Month.

Through this initiative, Tia Adeola, up-and-coming independent fashion designer and founder of her namesake brand, Tia Adeola has received a $25,000 donation. Fashion Nova made this donation to support her passion and dedication to bringing to life her original work in high fashion.

Tia is famous for her unique designs that use pearls, transparent materials, feathers and ruffles Creating luxury piecesEvokes the pure romance of Renaissance paintings. Fashion Nova recognized Tia’s creativity and passion and chose to fund her efforts.

the “Women on Top” initiative It was a joint effort between Fashion Nova and famous American rapper Megan Thee Stallion. The duo raised a total of $1 million in donations to be distributed to various foundations and organizations that they lead and focus on women, including female entrepreneurs like Tia Adeola who are doing exemplary work in their various fields.

Each of the pre-selected beneficiaries received $25,000 or more in scholarships, donations, and grants from the Wealthy Benefit Basket.

Fashion Nova made this donation to Tia Adeola to the public through a post on Fashion Nova Cares’ official Instagram address that reads, “Teniola “Tia” Adeola is founder and designer Tweet embed. Tia started her brand as a college student in New York City and quickly amassed a diverse and passionate fan base, including women like Gigi Hadid and SZA. She cements her brand’s position in luxury fashion with the massive success of her NYFW runway show in Fall 2019. Tia’s designs use sheer materials, pearls, feathers, and ruffles to evoke the pure romance of Renaissance graphics. Check out her elegant and luxurious designs at”

This support for Tia Adeola comes among several other donations made to several independent fashion designers in recognition and support of their unique work in the fashion industry. Other independent fashion designers who have benefited from the Women on Top initiative include Tizita Pallimlay, Alani Taylor, and Elie Lesky.

Since its launch in 2006, Fashion Nova has managed to Transforming the fashion industry With high quality, affordable and fast fashion pieces for everyone. In line with this shift, this reputable brand is striving to support other upcoming designers following the same suit, which explains the generous donation of Tia Adeola and other emerging designers.

Fashion Nova has run this charitable initiative under the supervision of Nova fashion The Cares Program, a non-profit affiliate of Fashion Nova that has previously seen the success of other community initiatives such as Black Lives Matter donations and the Covid 19 relief fund project.

Fashion Nova Cares launched in April 2020 to oversee the success of Covid 19 The Relief Fund project is set to help minority members of the community negatively affected by Covid 19. However, Fashion Nova intends to use this program to run subsequent charitable initiatives, as evidenced by a statement made by Richard Sajian, Founder and CEO of Fashion Nova, who said, “Our Fashion Nova Cares initiative will continue beyond the current challenges of Covid-19 with additional efforts and programs that will further help make a positive impact in people’s lives.”

In the words of Saghian, this program has successfully conducted several activism and awareness campaigns that have put Fashion Nova at the forefront when it comes to giving back to the community.

The Fashion Nova series of charitable initiatives has raised the bar for other fashion houses.

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