Fashion shopping the best ready-to-wear blouses in Kolkata

Rolling up those six yards of cloth is almost a rite of passage in some Bengali families – and the blouse remains a key to the experience. An almost unknown hero that lets you roam your comfort zone.

While original fabrics and details like Zary Patchwork is always in demand, finding the right ready-made blouse can be a huge ordeal, especially if you’re in a time crunch. While Gariahat, Dakshinapan, or New Market are known for their classic picks, some of the city’s independent brands are changing things up and producing some fierce, ready-to-wear selections that catch everyone’s eye, from fashion designers to listeners.


Parama Ghosh left her decade-long law career to found her eponymous brand in 2015 and it is definitely paying off. Parama sarees are nothing short of art on canvas and even Tollywood is totally with the brand.

“On the blouse, you have about 50 cm of space to tell a story and that is quite a challenge. It is very easy to tell extraordinary stories, but I wanted to tell stories of ordinary and ordinary things that we see every day,” Parama shared. The sign is known for its Bengali folk cultural motifs and texts.

One of her recent modifications (done in collaboration with Chhapa) is an ode to famous women and features a Malala-inspired hooded blouse that allows the wearer to cover their head, like Malala.

Shop No. 6

If you are looking for last minute ready-to-wear sweaters, then this Instagram store is where you should look. Almost all tops come with pre-fitted cups that ensure proper installation. You’ll also notice some sexy sleeves, bold deep necks, dreamy florals, and blouses with gorgeous fabrics.

Dora by Phoenix

Kakali Biswas and Priyama Chowdhury’s Dora by Phoenix focus on the Bengal hand loom, and the brand’s brave cocktail tops are already a hit. You’ll also find some classic choices that are payable and can save a lot of time in a fashion emergency.

“We think a blouse can make or break a saree. A good match or one, on the contrary, can completely change the look of any saree,” says Biswas.


This dakshinapan shop is indeed a favorite among saree lovers. Aranya offers a diverse and contemporary collection and most of their blouses are work-appropriate. You’ll discover collared blouses, shirts, halter and collar options, and even exotic jackets that can be worn with sarees. Aranya blouses are made with hand loom fabrics that are breathable so they are great for every season.


Started by 23-year-old Momala Banik in 2019, Akashlina brings out some great design elements in blouses. The attention to detail is what sets them apart – whether it’s the neckline, the sleeves, or just the sheer variety of fabrics.

“We started with gamsha The fabric has paid off. He gave us our identity. and now We are pursuing the dream of working with the handwoven Jamdani,” Banik shares.


Mohur is another dakshinapan gem, a haven for saree lovers who need to wear everyday blouses and are looking for a wide range.

They have a good variety of sleeveless and tailored blouses, all made of hand loom fabrics. They continue to stock new designs and fabrics which is great for shoppers who don’t like to recycle the same selection.

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