Get $50 off every $200 you spend during Saks Fifth Avenue Sale

At Post Wanted, all we have to do is find the best deals to (1) provide gift giving inspiration or (2) treat yourself to something cute.

With Saks Fifth Avenue’s year-end sale, you can do both.

For a limited time, get $50 off every $200 spent (an easy feat considering the luxury retailer’s offerings you find from hundreds of brands).

Having said that, it’s a perfect time to stock up on some Christmas gifts, that special gift for your wife or an anniversary gift around the corner.

Designers like Stella McCartney (hello boujee totes), Alexander McQueen (the biggest flexible shoe ever) and Saint Laurent (the tried-and-true classic) are giving hundreds of dollars to honor nearly 2021.

Oh yeah, we’d love to see her.

What’s great about this designer sale? You don’t just have to look at the items for sale. You can buy anything – original or discounted – as long as you get to $200. After that, you’ll get $50 (but you can completely Go on a massive shopping spree and enjoy $100 off $400 off, and so on.

Ahead, find our picks across any budget and preference that are sure to meet your $200 quota – so you can ring in the new year. And $50 off in question. With this year-end discount, you’ll thank us later.

Quick Shopping – Go to a specific sale:

Race Race V-neck Cardigan from Reales

Indulge in a cozy knit sweater from Reels (also known as one of my favorite places to buy jeans). It’s a trio of dreamy nude shades that go with any outfit.

Quad-collar boots have been all the rage lately, and with over $150 invested in a lavish fit from Naadam. You have to die for the two front pockets which instantly make you look knit.

Tory Burch Mini Perry Bombé Leather Camera Bag

Tory Burch crossover for under $100? Yes please! This luxurious white bag with gold hardware makes a great gift – either for your best friend or for yourself.

Jazz Peugeot 24 karat gold-plated and enamel dangling earrings

How special are these earrings from Gas Bijoux? Make a statement at $30 off this Saks Fifth Avenue sale. It is a great item to add to cart for up to $200.

Stuart Weitzman Charli Zip Sport Leather Goods

As a sought-after designer on Saks Fifth Avenue, Stuart Weitzman’s styles are unbeatable. This elegant and polished pair of Charli Zip Sport Leather Goods is a great grab. For less than $225.

2-Piece Bala Classic Weight Set (1 lb)

Bala Bangles are one of the most coveted items of 2021—and for good reason. They’re great for workouts, help tone and tone your body when brushing around the house, and now they’re under $35.

Stella McCartney Fabella Mini Quilted Crossbody Bag

The Stella McCartney Mini Fabella Crossbody Bag is perfect for an upcoming evening out or a luxurious outing. With an on-trend chainring and a luminous exterior, crashing it for just over $500 is a steal.

Sam Rory Teddy Layer Parka

Although it’s not on sale, you’ll receive $50 of this stunning white jacket when you add it to your cart. It’s a warm and cozy winter essential, and you’ll be glad you invested in it too.

Monteliana 1965 Marlin leopard print hiking boots

Calling all tiger lovers. This brave pair of Montelliana 1965 hiking boots are a great addition to your wardrobe for just over $170.

Alexander McQueen denim mini dress

Denim jeans are a coveted classic, but a short denim dress? Now that’s just Attractive. Say yes to the Alexander McQueen design that costs around $700 for a limited time.

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