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Gore C5 Gore-Tex Paclite Trail Shorts

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Our review

Specialized materials mean they perform great in wet conditions, but make them less versatile

Great wet weather protection. It stayed in place well when riding

Too light to use alone without liner; An extra pocket will come in handy; More than more than short for emergencies of a short path

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If you don’t want to let the winter weather prevent you from going outside, you probably share the same commitment as Gore when he designed the C5 Gore-Tex Paclite Trail Shorts.

Designed to protect you from the elements, the C5 short is windproof and waterproof, yet light enough to keep you in a hurry.

So how do these excellent shorts stack up?

Gore C5 Gore-Tex Paclite Trail Short Details

Gore’s ultra-light and breathable Paclite is a two-layer polyamide fabric. Gore-Tex film attaches directly to the outer material without a liner to help keep weight down.

Gore aims to make these shorts extremely waterproof, windproof and breathable. It is covered with an oil-resistant, oil- and water-resistant material. Unfortunately, the material is not stretchable.

To help make these shorts as light as possible, features are kept to a minimum. However, there are seams sealed over the stitches, an elasticated elastic waistband with a flat cord drawstring, and a water-resistant side pocket with a storm flap.

Performance Gore C5 Gore-Tex Paclite Trail Pants

There’s plenty of room with the C5s, which is helpful because the material isn’t stretchy, but it’s on the plus side for short trail rides. The elastic waistband and drawstring mean they stay in place and require no adjustment down the road.

There’s plenty of length, which helps the knee pads cover, although they are noisy when pedaling.

The very lightweight material looks reassuringly solid, but it does have a few flaws. These seem too short to take with you in an emergency rather than a short daily ride.

Plus, you’ll need a short, warm padding that’s big to keep you comfortable on a cold day in the saddle. However, it’s hard to blame the Gore-Tex Paclite fabric in terms of wet-weather performance.

The winter slope sheds with ease, and the chamois leather stays dry even in terrible conditions. Excellent wet weather protection.

I can just squeeze my phone into the side pocket and hold it close to my leg, which is a plus. Also, it didn’t wear, although I did enjoy placing the pocket on the side of my leg, as I felt the risk of being damaged in a crash.

Bottom Line Gore C5 Gore-Tex Paclite Trail Pants

You have to pay a high price, but you get impressive performance from the Gore C5 Gore-Tex Paclite Trail Short. These are the shorts that will keep you dry and comfortable in the most hostile conditions. However, I feel it’s too lightweight to use as an everyday winter short.

You’ll need insulating lining under for winter rides, and the lack of features makes it feel more like an emergency shelter than a short lane. For this reason, the price seems high.

How we tested

To really get to know the C5s, I took them out in the constant rain on wet trails that were sure to expose them to all the problems of wet weather riding. I made sure to find the one-track pedal sections, ride jacks and enduro-style trucks, to make sure I turned off all sorts of riding these shorts should be able to handle.

I tested these shorts along with five other pairs, always making sure I used a fresh, dry chamois and clean shorts before every outing, so there would be a fair baseline for comparison.

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