H&M Metaverse: H&M opens a 3D store in the Metaverse; Here’s how you can buy clothes from him

New Delhi: Leading clothing brand H&M announced on Monday that it will offer its customers a 3D shopping experience at its virtual store in the metaverse across the city of CEEK.

Hennes & Mauritz, abbreviated as H&M, is the second largest clothing brand in the world after Zara and the first retail clothing store in the metaverse. The company said customers will be able to walk around the store, choose the product they want and buy it in the world of CEEK.

It’s just the beginning of a big wave, said Hitesh Malviya, founder of Itsblockchain; We’ll see thousands of brands join the marketing rush into the metaverse in the near future.

“Virtual goods experienced excellent growth last year, and apparel companies will not miss an opportunity to participate in additional revenue generation opportunities,” he added.

Payment for the clothes, which can only be worn in the digital environment, is made through the CEEK coin. Customers will also have the opportunity to order these clothes from H&M physical stores at a later date.

The fully diluted market capitalization of CEEK coins is just over $700 million. There are a total of 744,176,729.25 CEEK coins on offer, with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 coins.

In the three years since its creation in September 2018, the token has risen 13,000 percent to $1.16 from just $0.009. However, it lost about 37 percent of its value, as it was trading at $0.70 on Monday at 2.30 PM INDCT.

CEEK is a metaverse currency project built on the Ethereum blockchain, which connects artists, athletes, and other digital content creators directly with their fans in virtual worlds.

CEEK’s NFT Marketplace will allow true ownership of digital items that will pass through multiple digital reality environments in the Metaverse, a technology that hosts global digital currencies, payments and applications.

Anshul Agarwal, co-founder of XR Central, said Metaverse is here to stay and will be the next big revolution that will change the way companies communicate, operate and sell. “This is as big a revolution as railways and electricity in the late nineteenth century, and like the web (the Internet) in the late twentieth century,” he added.

Agarwal said the biggest advantage of the H&M metaverse store will certainly be the fact that the store is accessible 24/7, which will have a positive impact on bottom line and bottom line profits and not forget about the company’s brand equity.


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