His boss gifts new clothes and gives a haircut to the hairdresser because she looked ‘untidy’

As a salon stylist, one is supposed to look stylish at all times. Well, that’s what the salon employer thought he offered his stylist £100 for new clothes after being told they looked ‘unacceptable’ when she showed up for work.

This stylist named Lisa Thompson apparently got trapped by salon owner and business owner Luke Daniels when she showed up to work looking “untidy” with unwashed, brushed back hair and no makeup. She also wore slippers with a black cardigan.

The designer is paid by his boss
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This was when the owner offered her £100 to buy herself a nice outfit and offered her a free £150 treatment to ‘improve the look of her hair’.

Thompson was humiliated by the gesture and took Mr. Daniels to labor court, claiming she had been harassed and discriminated against because of her gender and age.

The 40-year-old designer added that the owner apparently told her her hair was “disgusting” and her clothes were “shabby”. The court heard that Ms Thompson had worked at the Urban Angels salon for 16 months prior to the incident.

She also appears to have been trapped by Mr. Daniels at a time when she injured her foot and was allegedly pulled by Mr. Daniels after she was “babbling” to a client about her old employer and chewing gum.

She claimed she was wearing makeup, and that Mr. Daniels “yelled” at her and told her her hair was a “mess”, telling her “You’re not exactly Urban Angels look”.

However, the Nottingham court found that Mr Daniels had not made the comments but had addressed her appearance in a “supportive” manner.

urban angels
urban angels

according to metroEmployment judge Kimbra Welch said: ‘Mr Daniels’ evidence was that he spoke in a professional manner to Ms Thompson to make her aware of his concerns about the photograph she was showing by chewing gum, and to make derogatory comments about other salons and her untidy appearance. .

He denied her saying that her hair is disgusting, her clothes are shabby, or that her facial appearance and makeup are not suitable for their work. We accept that Mr. Daniels has made comments about her appearance, including her hair and behavior in the salon, and that he has given her £100 for work clothes and offered her a free hairstyle.

urban angels

While we understand that Mrs. Thompson was dismayed by the events of 12 June, as no one wanted to be told that he had not acted appropriately, nor that his appearance was of an unacceptable level, we do not believe that this was related to her gender or age.

She was also later fired after she accessed the salon’s computer system using unauthorized codes while on sick leave after the June 12 incident.

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