H&M opens its first store in the metaverse

H&M, the iconic Sweden-based clothing brand, has finally opened its first store in the Metaverse. Compared to other big brands like Nike, Adidas and Zara that joined the metaverse early on, H&M is a bit late to join the bandwagon. As they say, “It’s better to be late than never,” and with this move, H&M is set to deliver a great experience to its customers. With its virtual store in the Metaverse, the clothing brand will be able to provide its customers with a 3D shopping experience in its virtual store. Technology offers a number of doors and windows to explore and it looks like H&M has opened one of them.


What, when and where

Hennes & Mauritz AB aka H&M needs no special introduction or explanation as the popularity of this multinational brand speaks for itself. H&M is known for its affordable, sustainable fashion. And now they’ve reached another milestone when they open their first store in the metaverse. With the virtual store in the metaverse, customers will be able to walk around the store, browse products and get one of their choice, and buy it in the world of CEEK city. CEEK City is the 3D digital world and is not much different from our actual physical world. However, there is a catch. These garments purchased in CEEK can only be worn in the digital environment and nowhere else. In addition, payment for such clothing must be made through CEEK. However, customers also have the option to order these clothes later with CEEK coin from physical H&M stores.

Another major advantage of this move is the fact that with this H&M takes credit for being the first retail clothing store in the metaverse. This move is also an important step for CEEK VR as you get a better chance of exploring new horizons beyond gaming.

CEEK . city

CEEK is a metaverse project that is creating a platform where artists, athletes, and other digital content creators can communicate directly with their fans in the digital world. With CEEK’s NFT marketplace, people already own digital items that may have already gone through many other digital reality environments in the metaverse. It is based on Ethereum. Nowadays, CEEK offers many immersive virtual reality experiences in CEEK City ranging from theater and concert arenas to sports arenas and halls. CEEK codes can be used to make purchases.



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