H&M store shuts down after ex-employee shared photos of bed bugs on headdresses

H&M shuts down after an employee leaks pictures of bugs on the hoods

H&M shuts down after employee leaks pictures of bugs on hoods & nbsp | & nbsp Image source: & nbsp Twitter

the main points

  • An H&M store has reportedly closed after a staff member shared photos showing insects on hoods.
  • The employee has since resigned her job
  • H&M said in a statement that it closed the store ‘out of extreme caution’.

The price and quality of the clothes are all that consumers care about when shopping from a large retail outlet.

Manufacturing defects and design flaws are one of the biggest reasons why a customer decides not to buy clothes.

But things can take a shocking turn if people discover worms or insects in any commodity. Well, that’s exactly what happened in a big New York retail store recently.

A H&M store in the city has reportedly been closed after a former employee shared photos that appeared to show insects crawling on their headscarves.

The person who goes to @Madesonee_ on Twitter, worked at the H&M store in the Oculus at the World Trade Center.

In a tweet that went viral, she posted three photos of bugs crawling on hoods kept in hangers.

The woman claimed that a customer notified her of “lice” on a shelf of hoods but management was not willing to close the store, nor did she tell any of the staff. She added that only the section where the bug was found has been blocked.

“I work at H&M at Oculus in World Trade and today a customer discovered lice on a shelf of hoods. They don’t close the store and don’t notify employees of the problem. The department just closed,” the former employee wrote.

The tweet has now garnered over 2,300 retweets and over a thousand Quoted Retweets.

Unsurprisingly, hundreds of people were disgusted by the photos.

In a follow-up tweet, the woman said she quit her job and her last day of work was Friday. She even apologized to the store manager.

“Thank you to everyone involved in losing my job. My last day is Friday (I’m quitting because I hate it out there),” she tweeted.

“I apologized to my store manager because I didn’t expect my tweet to go up like this. I was only upset because it was treated as a minor issue and it wasn’t his fault. It’s the company,” read the following tweet

The tweets had an impact as reports said the store had closed down the city after the photos went viral.

H&M responded to the incident by saying it takes “customer and employee safety very seriously.”

“We take customer and employee safety very seriously. Out of extreme caution, we have closed the H&M store at Westfield World Trade Center for a full investigation,” H&M said in a statement.

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