How to keep your old clothes out of the landfill

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About once a year, I cleanse My closets of all my unwanted clothes, whether it’s jeans that no longer fit, tThe shirts I wore to pieces, or the strange dress seemed As a good idea at the time but it ended up being a torture practice in the Middle Ages. It’s tempting To save some of these items, out of belief may be be useful someday, but We all know the truth: this is highly unlikely, and for the time being, It’s extra clutter that I don’t need.

The main challenge in getting rid of old clothes is doing so In an environmentally sustainable way, as our clothes are responsible for a huge amount of pollution. Textile mills responsible for nearly one-fifth of industrial water pollution, Using an estimated 20,000 chemicals, many of them are harmful to humans. The textile industry also accounts for an estimated 10% of all global carbon emissions. When it’s time to get rid of those old clothes, just about 16%If it is recycledThe rest go to landfills or are incinerated.

So before you head straight to the trash, It is considered Some of these are ways to reuse or recycle old clothes.


For good and relatively new clothes, you can try to sell them. Not only will this keep your old clothes out of the landfill, but it will also give someone else a chance to buy used, not new, while also To earn a little money on the side.

some of the Most Popular Online Choices for Selling Your Old Clothes They include ThredUp, Depop, Poshmark, and Vinted. If you want to stay local, you can also look for any shipping stores that buy vintage clothes.


Selling your old clothes is a good way to make sure they get extra use, while also making a little money — but if you have a lot to purge, they can be be too A lot of work. If you don’t have the time or energy for it, Consider donating it instead.

To donate, there is a Some general rules that you must follow. First of all, it should be in good condition, without tears, stains or holes. WTheir ashes before donating –Preferably with an unscented cleanser, And skips any fabric softeners. Keep in mind that someone, usually a volunteer, has to do the triage. Through these old clothes, so be sure Everything you donate is clean and in relatively good condition.

It’s also a good idea to call ahead and ask about the needs of the organization you’re donating to, and donate seasonal items, as they don’t always have much storage space for out-of-season items.


to Clothes that are torn or stained so that they cannot be sold or donated, Consider reusing it. when I was Baby, we always He had a trash can at home, where Many of our seniors, The clothes were torn cut up into smaller pieces, then used to clean up dirt, dust, and pet accidents, and spill it the home.


Unfortunately, recycling old clothes is not as simple as throwing them in it a Recycling Wastebasket. However, it is possible to recycle textiles-its just A little more complicated than recycling glass or newspaper. To find textile recycling centers near you, you can use Earth 911‘s Recycling Locator a tool. There are also paid programs, such as TerraCycle, that offer a file ZeroWaste fabric boxYou fill it up with old clothes, send it in, and they recycle it for you.


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