How to look stylish in a tracksuit and hug the elastic waist

Level 1

Get into the trend by treating your feet to a new pair of Allbirds shoes, made from natural materials like merino wool and eucalyptus fibers. You’ll earn brownie points from all of your family, and if you choose a darker color (I rate Wool Runner’s style), it can look really smart instead of a midlife crunch. Barack Obama wears it – he said enough.

Level 2

Slight toe tip around tracksuit look. Maybe she just skews so far like a dark blue sweatshirt. A standard unisex color brand would be a good starting point. In a few weeks, you can classify it as gardening clothing – when spring comes, it will be useful for sailing or as a fishing layer.

3 . level

Go full Madeline Thompson. The British designer has channeled the magic of her cashmere designs into a new collection of women’s cotton sportswear. More than good enough for a sofa, they’ll also hold their own for the first school start of the new semester or first visit to the supermarket (just don’t put Ferrero Rocher stains on them – you’re not a slob).

I’m not saying anything unprecedented by suggesting that you dress for maximum comfort at this time of year. In fact, you should never feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing – something obviously isn’t quite right if you do. But if you’re the kind of person who takes the same look over the coming days when we emerge from the haze of excess Christmas, then just know that the tracksuit is no longer Mr. Motivator; It’s much more than the basic rules. Even Mother of Pearl took the tracksuit to new heights (and lengths) with a full-length hoodie. This is a brand that has brilliantly created clothes good enough for Twixmas, yet the same piece could easily work in the front row of Fashion Week. I also spotted Crush Cashmere, whose pants are a lot like wrapping your legs in cotton wool. In these, you’re looking a lot for the company’s catalog look swaying by the fireplace.

If you’re heading to the beach to soak up the post-Christmas sun, you’ll look more in bikinis, kaftans over bed socks, and cashmere—in which case I’d check out Pippa Holt, Asceno, or Three Graces. One day I’ll be one of those people who fly into Heathrow on December 26 in a sun hat, and leave for sunset, but now I’m very happy in my tracks back home.

As I always say, tap that trend at the level you can tolerate and the point on the style scale that feels comfortable to you. Then settle in with a bowl of curry turkey, another glass of wine, and a ring of The Good Life. No stress, no diets, no homework, no buzzing, no meetings, no transportation, no rat race. chance to just be.

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