“If you stole it, why would you return it? ”: TikToker says she has been accused of shoplifting, racially categorized in Bealls Outlet

In a TikTok posted on December 20, TikTokercreativechefdamtruth said she was exposed to racist glimpses at a Bealls Outlet when she brought home a T-shirt she had bought that still had the electronic security tag on it.

“I spent $400, left the card, and went home,” she told the store manager. “And it still works.”

TikToker said she tried to address her with the cashier before the manager approached her.

“It seems to be a problem and I don’t see what the problem is. She said to the manager, ‘It’s not my fault the card was in.’” She also says she didn’t bring the shirt receipt because she didn’t think she needed to.

The manager told her that he “usually” without a receipt, “assumed” the customer “came out” with the merchandise. creativechefdamtruth asks employees to search for it in their system to prove purchase.

I own 47 fuckin restaurants. How dare someone even think I got out of here,” TikToker told the manager. “Because I’m black, are you going to treat me as if I stole something?”

TikToker also says it overheard a teller refuse to look it up in the system to prove a purchase, which she made with a Bealls credit card. The store manager said afterwards that he hadn’t heard any of the staff say anything about @creativechefdamtruth’s race.

“She left me here as if I was invisible,” says TikToker of the employee who didn’t look for her in the Bealls system.

With the exception of a few select comments saying that creativechefdamtruth should have attended her receipt, several commentators on the video agreed that she had been treated unfairly.

da_twinmama wrote: “You have every right to be crazy.” “I’m sick of people assuming you’re stealing based on your skin tone.”

@destaniwalker3 commented: “If you stole it, why would you return it?”

It’s always ‘Who am I?’ “Those who are guilty!” nadinekori wrote of the Bealls employee speaking on TikTok. “she [could’ve] She keeps her head low and doesn’t say a damn thing but doesn’t say “No, I didn’t.”

Others did not agree with creativechefdamtruth.

‘I’ve done a lot,’ commented @histimeinfamousho.

@kiki_doyle860 wrote: “Attitude not required”. “Mistakes happen all the time.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @creativechefdamtruth via direct message on Instagram and Bealls but hasn’t heard back.

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*First Published: December 30, 2021, 12:44 PM CST

Tricia Crimmens

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Tricia Crimmens

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