Jimmy Hart explains who inspired him with his branded clothes

Jimmy Hart

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“Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart He recently spoke with WrestleZone about his longevity in the wrestling business and how he’s managed to remain a likable figure over the years. One of the reasons Hart is still known and loved by fans is his ring jacket and trademarked tweeter, often sprinkled with fun graphics that grabbed attention in the ringside row.

Hart explained how he first got his tweeter and jackets, then shared his inspiration for creating some of his signature looks.

“Okay, megaphone, I’ll tell you a quick story, if you’ll excuse me, megaphone, when I first left Memphis to go to New York, I carried a wand there but when I got to New York, Fuji had the wand. I didn’t want to mess with Mr. Fuji ’cause you know Where is it going to end, so one day I was in Poughkeepsie, NY getting ready to do TV shows and Vince came back from Japan and he went ‘Here, I wanted to give you this, this would be my new gimmick,’ and I said ‘Okay, thank you. Can I draw it?’ And he said, ‘Just know when You use it and when you don’t use it and you can do whatever you want with it,” and that was a big break for me because it turned out to be a huge part of my career there. We used it in a lot of different matches out there that day.

“But with my jacket, I tried to make everything for my men. I always thought a wise manager, I like Paul Heyman, though he says he’s a defender, but I like him. I’ve always liked Jim Cornette, of course there is, Bobby ‘The Brain’ Henin, Mr. Fuji, “Elegant” [Freddie] Blasey, everyone. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of it all, but I’ve always felt like doing the principal’s thing, if it’s about me, me, me, me, me – it’s not about who you run. So, that’s why a lot of my jackets have always been made with pictures of a guy on them or something with his name on them to make them special because I’ve been lucky just to be riding with them.

“I always thought I was the hood trim in a Cadillac, it was a Cadillac and I was the hood trim, you know? But with all the jackets, if I went out three times that night, I wanted to make sure I made three changes and I’ll tell you why quickly When I was rock ‘n’ roll with The Gentry’s hit single, Keep Dance, one night Dick Clark put us in a room before we got a show. It was The Beach Boys, us, and it was Chuck Berry. There, I think the Steppenwolf—there were a lot of groups in that era—and said “Look, when you’re up on stage, you’re there for general entertainment. Remember one thing – some nights you might be sick and you can’t help it, but wise, if you’re dressed as an audience, one day you’ll end up in an audience, and that means don’t go out there in a T-shirt with blue jeans. This might be fine for a while if you want to be cool or racy, but people pay big money to come see you sometimes and want to go ‘Wow! I love that jacket! I love that coat! When I go to rock shows’ Or I was a part of it, I was always looking at some of the clothes that some people were wearing. So, this has always been a big part of my career, the jackets and the megaphone and I hope to be able to talk and have fun.”

Jimmy Hart’s jackets have been redesigned in merchandise over the years, including the Money Inc. Available now on Chalk Line. Check out our full interview with Jimmy Hart at this link.

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