Laundry Love Green Bay gives clean clothes gift to those in need

Green Bay (NBC26) – While wearing clean clothes may be something many of us take for granted, it’s an unaffordable cost to many who struggle financially. Laundry Love volunteers believe having clean clothes is something everyone deserves.

“We don’t like to see anyone wearing dirty clothes. A lot of times you will see that children may be bullied with dirty clothes or families needing clean bedding,” said volunteer Jan Vandenlangenberg.

That’s why, three times a month, nonprofits partner with local laundromats to hold free laundry events for neighbors in need. Laundry Love is a nationwide initiative, with more than 30,000 laundries across the country. Nationwide, the nonprofit has pushed 2 million loads of laundry and has served more than 1 million people since it began in 2003, while caring for an estimated 100,000 people annually.

They are basically homeless people, veterans, or old people [people] Or any really needy family could use the money elsewhere for other basic needs like groceries or school supplies,” Vandenlangenberg said.

At its events, Laundry Love supplies people who come to the sink with quarts, soap, and dryer sheets. Paying for laundry may not seem like a big expense, but Vandenlangenberg says it builds up quickly, especially for families.

“One load of our Mega is $7.50 a load. So if you take a family of 5, that’s a lot of money to do laundry for a day,” she said.

For neighbors like Green Bay resident Mary Lambert, not having to pay for laundry means she can save money for other expenses.

“A lot of love helps me wash clothes that I can’t normally afford, saving money for other things like helping my grandchildren and my daughter,” Lambert said.

Laundry Love works with other local nonprofits, shelters, and large living facilities to find neighbors like Mary who may need clean clothes.

“They have food, they are very welcoming. It’s very positive energy and helps somewhat financially because I am old and have a stable income,” Lambert said.

Volunteers say the gratitude they receive from the neighbors who help them is very great.

“It’s made families cry and say they can now buy groceries for their families. We have moms who say ‘Oh my God’ I can afford milk or other needs, I can pay the heating bill, especially this time of year,” Vandenlangenberg said.

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