List: Tampa Bay Area Places to Donate Clothes and Furniture

Disassembly for the New Year? Here is where you can bring your own extra items that will have an impact on your community.

Tampa, Florida – For the new year, many of you may decide to back off or downsize, but what do you do with all your extra stuff?

When you have boxes, stacks, and bags of extra stuff, consider taking the extra step of sorting them out and donating them to various local organizations.

There is nothing wrong with donating to a nationwide charity such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army, but there are many local organizations in Tampa Bay that can do a lot with your donations.

Support the Girls of Tampa Bay,” said Nancy Blount, local manager of I Support the Girls of Tampa Bay. I Support the Girls collects bras, underwear and feminine hygiene items and redistributes them to local organizations that help women and girls.

It’s important to remember when donating items to make sure they are in good condition.

“If you don’t want it or want to wear it, no one else will want to wear it,” Blount said. Make sure your items are free of stains or damage and if they are, toss them away instead of donating them.

Here are some local organizations that can use your donations:

Spring of Tampa Bay assists domestic violence survivors. Their thrift store accepts clothing, accessories, household items, and proceeds that go to help survivors.

The CASA Community Thrift Shop accepts clothing and household items, such as new furniture and cell phones. Money sold in thrift stores benefits domestic violence shelters and their participants.

I Support the Girls collects new and used bras, underwear, hygiene products and feminine hygiene items very gently. They also need companies to host the collection and delivery boxes. You can contact them at to schedule a donation or find out how to host a delivery fund.

Urban Ministries assist thousands of families across Tampa Bay. They accept clothing donations at multiple locations and can even pick up furniture.

Dress for Success Tampa Bay gathers professional women’s clothing. They are not currently accepting donations due to the increase in cases of COVID-19, but will reopen the door for donations when they are ready.

Local animal shelters often get your donations of blankets, towels, and sheets, as well as toys, leashes, and pet food.

Fluff’s Stuff Re-Tail for Rescue accepts clothing, jewelry, craft supplies and household goods. Their proceeds help fund animal programs.

Always contact organizations and check with them first to see what kind of items they need and be sure to check if they are currently accepting donations. Many organizations are receiving limited donations due to the increase in COVID-19 cases.

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