Meet Kids O’Clock, the online marketplace for pre-loved kids’ clothes

Can you tell us a little bit about your professional background?

I come from a professional buying background, having had the pleasure of working with retailers such as Net a Porter, Moda Operandi, Ralph Lauren and Harvey Nichols. I’ve had the most amazing senior management teams who taught me most of what I apply every day to my work ethic. Most of my professional training took place in New York City. I moved there from Paris when I was 18 for my first job in the industry, working in a showroom representing Balmain in the US market. I’m French with a New Yorker work ethic and a buyer at heart, with a passion for product analysis and retail. This is what I love to do and talk about. It’s a little weird to me, but that’s what makes me more excited. Starting my own business was the only thing left for me to do.

What inspired the launch of Kids O’clock?

As a buyer, I’ve seen how easy it is to over-predict products and items. Sometimes you end up with a very large inventory and nowhere to put it. Ultimately, this leads to textile waste.

Secondly, after my son was born, I noticed how quickly he got out of his clothes and shoes. What can someone do with so many clothes that are no longer useful? You can donate it to charity, pass it on to a friend or family member’s child, or you can sell it through an online marketplace.

There was nothing revolutionary about it, aside from the execution and my vision for the brand behind the business. Kids O’Clock is a platform dedicated to promoting the circular economy of children’s things.

What were the goals of the company when it started?

The goals were, and still are, to build a community-led platform for parents who share the same love for their loved ones. It’s not just about the extra money you might earn, but rather the feeling of contributing to something bigger than you and connecting with like-minded individuals. In business terms, this has meant building a community organically on social media, leveraging the power of word of mouth, and building an excellent logistical process to facilitate a seamless buying and selling experience.

There is also a real desire to partner with retailers and brands to allow them quick and formal access to more responsible behavior when it comes to their publicized message and communications.

Buying, selling and renting pre-loved pieces is becoming more and more common. What drew you to creating a space in this market for children’s clothing in particular, and how did Kids O’clock stand out in this sector?

The preferred market for adult clothing and accessories is getting bigger. It’s time to extend to children’s clothing and more. And why not, when the child wears nearly ten Sizes in her first few years or about 200 pieces of clothing? To add to that, An estimated 183 million oversized children’s clothes are tucked away in the back of wardrobes in the UK. The facts speak for themselves.

What’s different about Kid’s O’Clock is the excessive focus on community and the ability to collaborate with iconic brands like Caramel and Harvey Nichols. Kids O’Clock is not only a platform that promotes the circular economy of children’s things, but also offers simple solutions for brands to play.

How has the company grown in the past year? Can you give any examples?

We have raised capital from business sponsors who come from a number of different backgrounds and disciplines. This diversity means that we can benefit from a variety of skill sets and learn from these individuals.

We’re very fortunate to say that most of Kids O’Clock’s growth has been organic. Word of mouth makes a huge difference for fathers, and we have been so fortunate to work with so many mothers who enjoy creating tastes and challenges in their own areas of work and fun.

Our team has grown and we now have talent from Vestiaire Collective, ASOS Not High Street and Papier who have joined the team, which I really feel good about!

What is the ultimate goal of the company? What is your next step?

The goal is for parents to become the destination for parents to buy and sell their children’s favorite things and a place where parents can feel seen, heard and understood. We have a lot of big plans for 2022, and one of them has been in the works for the past few months – we’ve asked what users and parents really want – and now we’re introducing the KidsOclock app. We are happy to launch/update this product which has already allowed 80% of our users to use wishlist.

92% of our users are constantly on the move, and no need to foster being a parent means the schedule is busy and tight, so we’re happy to deliver efficient, fast and personalized notifications straight to your phone.

I also have an amazing group of talent who have joined me in the previous revolution: Anne-lise, ex Vestiaire Collective, Leslie, ex Papier, Zoe, ex Asos and Saakshi, in health tech. Each one has an amazing understanding of the brand, the problem to solve, and a strong vision for our roadmap.

Laura Rosso Federikin is founder Children’s watch.

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