Meg Thee Stallion Nova Costume Set is a Wild Western Moto Speed ​​Chase with some zebra patterns

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Sleek, buggy, ratchet (yes). Rude, moody, disgusting. Megan Thee Stallion is a lot of things — like her first Fashion Nova collection, which debuted on Wednesday. before release, bragged meg That the line would have a “better representation” than most, noting specifically the size-inclusiveness of its collection “of luxurious denim, luxurious corset bodysuits and matching shirts, jaw-dropping dresses and sumptuous outerwear, “created with the body” in mind.

She said, “Everyone’s just not the size of a cookie cutter, so I just want to make sure that starting with this collaboration, we’ll have better representation with only women in general.” Entertainment tonight. “It’s not just about the model’s body. It’s about the real body, so this collection definitely caters to women with curves…only girls with a little representation; that’s what my group really serves.”

Well, curves certainly do pay attention to the Meg’s collection, but the accessibility of styles isn’t enough—and everywhere. Fashion Nova X Megan Thee Stallion It’s a bountiful ensemble of Western saloon-inspired denim, mesh, and patchwork chiffon with “charming animal prints parading along the entire ensemble,” according to a release. The 106-piece assortment boasts that it will “make customers feel like they’re on a wild Western pursuit of motorcycle speed with a variety of styles and fits”—with cowboy hats adding forcefully to an array of tailored, lace-up and cut-out, strategically cut, ripped, and ripped styles, I guess… but is this the “barbaric” style the season requires?

“Designing this line with Fashion Nova has been a fantastic job,” said Megan Thee Stallion. “Not only am I able to rock my signature look with all the cuteness out there, but I’ve been able to create sexy, beautiful clothes that fit bodies of all shapes, sizes, and heights.”

I consider myself a huge fan of Thee Stallion, but realizing that I am neither the collection nor the demo target for Fashion Nova (and I don’t find the majority of this assortment ever within reach of very real body curves), I consulted with a few young women the roots employees via Slack. When asked about their impressions of the group, I received the following responses:

Tonga Steadum Entertainment writer: Wheels spin but I go out with Hee-Haw Haute Couture…

Contribute Entertainment writer Chanel Jenny (Refers to a pair of flared zebra jeans with a confusing top opening): I don’t know if I want to go to a cowboy or an African safari like that. I guess that means that….Very versatile?

Writer Anne Branigan (Enters the chat by pointing to the same top, as shown in the top form below in the second group): I’m just trying to understand what this top looks like and why… It looks like a spotted top – which is really unbelievable!

Photo of the article titled Meg Thee Stallion & # 39;  s Fashion Nova Debut is & # 39;  Wild Western Moto Speed ​​Chase & # 39;  - With some zebra patterns

Photo: Nova fashion

I: What’s in the wild and the wild Pussy cart Is this group, though? Where do you think we are going?

Tonga: To Twitter Fleets for posting thirst traps, I suppose… have you seen the cropped pants yet? LMAOOOOOOOO. Hot girl prince.

I: Just additionalAs if we had a place to go. I thought she said this shit is accessible. This is a night at The Pink…and they’re really trying to make visible thongs a thing again, right?

Well, maybe it just didn’t work for us – or maybe I’m too old to wear most of these clothes (although I’m honestly not sure I was young enough for them). “This collection is inspired by Meghan’s unwavering confidence, bold style and infectious personality,” Richard Sajian, CEO/Founder of Fashion Nova, explained in a statement. “Each piece is meticulously crafted using exceptional fabrics in a variety of shapes and prints to make our customers unique and feel empowered, and we’re excited to bring our creative collaborations with them to life for all to experience.”

Photo of the article titled Meg Thee Stallion & # 39;  s Fashion Nova Debut is & # 39;  Wild Western Moto Speed ​​Chase & # 39;  - With some zebra patterns

Photo: Nova fashion

Sure, it takes a certain kind of confidence and empowerment to rock most of these looks — but with a price tag of $24.99 to $199.99, it’s well worth checking out and maybe picking and choosing a few favourites. To be honest, I find myself leaning towards the aforementioned zebra flares as a fun statement piece (although probably a high collar and bootie, in my case). Not to mention my amazing attraction to Ruffled-leg denim jumpsuit Called “Want It Got It” – which was ridiculously sold out before I could get it on my body, proving that sexy girls really do lay claim to these sluts. But don’t take our word for it too seriously; Meg’s full set peep to yourself Nova fashion.


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