Mira Rajput ‘stealing’ Shahid Kapoor’s husband’s outfit is absolutely every couple’s outfit

Mira Rajput steals clothes from Shahid Kapoor's closet

Mira Rajput steals clothes from Shahid Kapoor’s closet & nbsp

the main points

  • Mira Rajput reveals that she is ‘stealing’ clothes from Shahid Kapoor’s wardrobe
  • Mira wore jogging pants that belonged to a martyr
  • The couple have been married for six years and have two children – Misha and Zain

ShaMira (Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput) has to be one of the most popular Bollywood celebrity couples. Although Mira is not a movie fraternity, the ease with which she is now a social media influencer and celebrity mom knows no bounds. Being an avid social media user, Mira often shares glimpses with her husband who also reciprocates through private posts, likable direct messages, and funny comments.

It can be considered that Mira has built her own empire of followers fondly involved in various activities especially lifestyle changes, travel advice and fashion cues. Moving from creating lifestyle-related content to health, Mira is a young mother whose posts are not only entertaining, but also educational. She ostensibly gives her fans what they want but her fashion flicks replace all kinds.

On Tuesday, Mira shared an Instagram Reel, a trend she’s been doing as an influencer by making creative videos. In it, she is seen wrapped in a white bathrobe with her hair elegantly parted on the side exuding the singer’s vibe, intense nude makeup by a filter and the words above her were, “Steal clothes from husband’s closet.” She spoke the words to the first line of Britney Spears’ play Oops I Did It Again and then went on to show a gray pair of runners with black stars that belonged to a Shahid.

Take a look below:

In the caption, Mira added how she likes men’s clothing more than girls’ clothing, then said she has her eye on a witness’s backpack. “Men’s clothing > Girls’ clothing? Now I have my eye on a backpack.”

Not just clothes, Mira once revealed in an interview that she even stole one of her skincare products from her husband’s wardrobe. Using it as part of her skincare routine, Mira said it’s a beard brush that usually goes in a Shahid beard trimmer case. After noticing this, Mira decided to use it for her baby’s hair and saw the beauty of the product she had taken as her own.

The couple have been married for six years and have two children – Misha and Zain. On the work front, a witness will appear in jersey Opposite Mr. Mrunal Thakur.

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