Mom shares a fun trick to fix torn clothes – without sewing

A mom shared on Facebook a ‘genius’ hack to fix her kids’ worn jeans — and it doesn’t just revitalize old clothes, it takes a little effort

Image of jeans with a knee hole.
A mum-friendly hack can make more use of your old jeans (stock photo)

Not all of us have a natural knack when it comes to sewing, and since we’re consuming faster fashion, it’s becoming more and more common to throw away clothes rather than fix them.

But if you’re looking to save money by fixing holes in jeans instead of throwing them in the landfill, a Facebook mom shared a trick that can breathe new life into your old clothes.

Keri Warner shared a photo on his Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas page that showed a hole in his jeans that was repaired using a unique item to cover the hole – a sock embossed with a dinosaur pattern.

The hack uses patterned socks to cover holes and give jeans a cool new look


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Alongside the photo, a text read, “I don’t know who needs to know this, but you can use the patterned socks to fix the holes in your clothes.”

If you use a needle and thread, you can still sew the sock fabric over the hole, but the trick doesn’t require sewing if you use a little trash.

Alternatively, you can use fabric glue on the inside of the jeans to stick the extra piece of fabric over the hole.

What’s more, a simple hack adds an extra touch of originality and style to tired old clothes—meaning you and your kids can keep looking great while saving money on new jeans.

People in the Facebook group loved the hack as soon as it was posted, and nearly 300 users commented sharing their enthusiasm for trying the trick themselves.

One person wrote: “This looks great.”

While another said, “I’ll go make holes in all my clothes so I can fix them with dinosaurs!”

And a third wrote: “I’m going to do this with my son, he keeps ripping his knees and ripping holes in his pants.”

But other commentators have claimed that mothers have been doing this for years, as patching holes in clothes is nothing new.

“This was happening years ago when I was young,” one said.

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