Newcastle students have used a £300 grant to start trading vintage clothes from their bedroom – and now they’re opening a shop

Two Newcastle University graduates open a high-end vintage clothing store in Newcastle city centre, following a sales boom in their online store.

The “DRIP” apparel, which opens at the end of January on High Bridge Street, will be filled with “high-quality” pieces from the likes of Stone Island, Burberry and Adidas.

Co-owner Max Gallins, 22, said you can expect “the best items to look and find in a regular antique store—we’re showing that recycled clothing doesn’t have to be monotonous.”

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The young entrepreneur is opening the store just months after graduating from university, with his business partner, Wes Almark, 23.

The Leeds-born fashion lover started selling pieces from his bedroom just over a year ago, and what started as a “little hobby” has grown into a profitable business.

Max said: ‘It has been very rewarding to see the store grow. We’ve done it all on our own, and built something to be proud of from just £300 of student funding.

“I saw a lot of other vintage clothing stores popping up in town, many of them at exorbitant prices, and thought that due to our contacts with suppliers all over the world, I could offer better merchandise at a lower price.

“We talk a lot about the location too – I knew we had to take it when it was rented.”

After gaining popularity on Depop, online market app Max and Wes has branched out into pop-up events in 2021.

DRIP CLOTHES is a new store opening at the end of January in High Bridge Street, Newcastle.
DRIP CLOTHES is a new store opening at the end of January in High Bridge Street, Newcastle.

“We’ve been getting a lot of interest from the Newcastle students,” Max explained. “Then came an office, a website, and we started shipping all over the world.

“The feedback we got is that people love to shop sustainably, but there’s also something special about having individual clothes.”

The pair’s new space on High Bridge Street was previously a storage unit, and Max said it took “a lot of time and effort” to create the right atmosphere.

“We spent 48 hours removing the wood wallpaper from the walls for a start – it was a nightmare.”

The opening will be on Saturday, January 29, and the couple plan to open another “drip” shop in Edinburgh by the start of 2023.

Max added: “We will continue to run pop-up stores across the UK, so we can spread our name there and increase sales online.”

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