Nova fashion torn apart by its vulgar sale ‘It’s the motivator for me’

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Satan works hard but Nova fashion He works more seriously. While millions of Americans were waiting for their stimulus payments, Fashion Nova sent a text message to its customers promoting a stimulus sale containing #BlackTwitter in one “I Tried It” uniform. Like if you want to spend the $1400 in your account on fast leads (well…maybe not All from him). With up to 80% off store-wide, FashionNova became a joke while some of us were sent straight to our virtual cart because we did it Joe.

User @Brattzlife’s tweet, with over 25,000 comments, catapulted the fast fashion retailer to the top of the trending charts. Before launching the massive sale, one user expected FashionNova to be dedicated to black culture slang. and las.

As always, the internet did not disappoint with their reactions.

In all seriousness, FashionNova has faced controversy for earning black dollars without actively participating in society. They were also accused of stealing the designer’s black designs. In response to the recent backlash amid the #BlackLivesMatter protests, with several partnerships and giveaways. They recently announced a million dollars Scholarship Fund with Megan Thee Stallion And she donated $1 million in COVID relief with Cardi B.

However, the online store, which includes brick and mortar stores in the Cali area, has once again proven that they are nothing more than cultural vultures with BBLs.

This one-day shipping is pretty clutch though.

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