Ororo Sequoia Warm Socks Review

If you have spent a lot of time riding during the winter, you are sure to pick up a pair or two Best winter cycling socks In the market. From there, you’ll likely want to add a pair of Best overshoes for cycling And for some climates a pair of Best winter cycling shoes will be necessary. If you’re driving in cold enough weather, especially if it’s also humid, none of this will be enough.

When you’ve exhausted all options, you’ll find that chemical warmers are the difference between painfully numb toes and relative comfort. Another option though is hot socks. It is a no-nonsense alternative and offers a similar experience. Since there is nothing specific to cycling on the market, we wanted to see if something worked anyway.

Ororo is famous for building a variety of hot clothes. In a sea of ​​unknown brands, she managed to claim quality. With that in mind, we checked the Ororo Sequoia hot sock to see if it matched the claims and how they handled cycling. If you’ve tried everything to keep your feet warm and are wondering about hot socks, keep reading to see what we thought of this option.

Oruro Sequoia warm socks with heating element

Heating covers most of the forefoot. Push and pull slightly to cover the toe pads (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Design and Aesthetics

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