People only realize why women’s pockets are much smaller than men’s

There are plenty of little, weird facts about our clothes in 2022—from the little bows on our bras to the stitching of V’s on our jumpers.

But one of the most common questions about women’s clothing is why exactly the pockets of jeans and dresses are so small. Well, when they are there…

Men’s pants pockets often fit their phone, wallet, and keys easily, but you’re unlikely to be able to fit a smartphone into a women’s jean pockets securely.

So, what is the reason behind this great injustice? A fashion designer for 10 years went to Quora to explain why there are no fake, small, or no pockets in women’s clothing.

Emily Keeler said: “There are three reasons women’s clothing is made with fake pockets, or no pockets at all.

“One – it’s cheaper. Real pockets cost more money.”

Women's dresses and skirts rarely have pockets
Women’s dresses and skirts rarely have pockets

She continued, “And with the craze for fast fashion, there’s no reason to make high-quality functional clothing. Better profit margins for companies when pockets are eliminated.”

“Inexpensive clothing is focused on visual and modern aesthetics. With higher price points, carefully designed pieces come with an emphasis on timelessness, longevity, quality and function, rather than modernity.

Two – breaks the human figure.

Since women’s jeans, nowadays, are supposed to fit perfectly, the outlines of the two additional layers of fabric for the front pockets are quite obvious. (Based on point #1, the cheap fabric is thinner. So the pocket outline is very visible.)

“Then, if you really put anything in those pockets, you’d have a smooth leg silhouette from ankle to mid-thigh.

“Then a lumpy, lumpy bulge in the upper thigh.”

Average smartphones don't fit in women's jeans pockets
Average smartphones don’t fit in women’s jeans pockets

Finally, she added: “Three— stretch pockets.

“Most women’s jeans are made with some stretchy Lycra material in the fabric. If there are actual pockets used, the fabric will stretch and you will have empty wrinkled pockets.

“Do you know how the knee area stretches a little bit? The same thing happens to the pockets when you pull them with things inside.

“And don’t blame the stylists, because it’s probably not their fault. We tend to do our job, design clothes thoughtfully. But what it’s really about is budget. There’s a lot we can do.”

Therefore, it seems that, according to this stylist, the reason is mostly money, but the history of pockets in women’s clothing shows the reasons why they are considered superfluous.

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Men and women alike used to wear pocket-like bags that dangled from a belt under their clothing in the Middle Ages, but as clothing became more streamlined and form-fitting, it was cut from women’s clothing. also reported that during moments of revolution pockets were buckled so that women could not carry restricted items.

As the number of handbags increases, it has been observed that women have fewer reasons to order pockets…

What do you think – should women’s pockets be enlarged? Tell us in the comments…


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