Profit is low: a first-class graduate who sells used clothes for a living screams and wants a job

  • McSolomon Kwame Bechayenimoh Appiah Graduated from University of Education, Winneba, where he received a First Class
  • After several attempts to get a job failed to produce a positive result, he resorted to selling used clothes
  • The 33-year-old pleaded with good people to secure a job that would help him in his disadvantaged situation

Despite being born to underprivileged parents, Mac Solomon Kwame Shinimoh Appiah defeated mountains of obstacles to achieve education.

He is determined to break the cycle of extreme poverty that has prevented some members of his family from accessing education despite the financial challenge.

I'm tired: a first-class graduate selling used clothes screams, says he needs a job
McSolomon Appiah: Meet the Ghanaian graduate with a first class that sells second-hand survival clothing Image credit: Joseph Obong
Source: Facebook

A Tepa citizen of Ahafo Ano South Municipal Assembly in Ashanti District of Ghana started his early education at Onwe-Nkwanta M/A Primary School near Tepa and later attended Primary School in Tepa R/C JHS.

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Although Appiah was older than many of his colleagues, he did not allow the age gap to discourage him from focusing on his goal.

At the age of twenty, he completed high school before heading to the University of Education, Winneba, where he obtained a first degree in Bachelor of Management Education at the age of 24.

new challenge

Despite the progress, he had other hurdles to overcome, including securing work to start a life. Appiah told reliable Ghanaian media He did not get a job after graduating in 2019.

“I have been unemployed since 2019. I have made several attempts, but none of them have yielded a positive result.

The 33-year-old graduate had to resort to selling used clothes to make ends meet.

“I go to buy used clothes from a supplier, and after the sale, I keep the profit and send pool money to my supplier,” he said.

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Appiah laments the uphill struggle with day-long flights to earn a weekly profit of GH200 (N13k) or less. He appealed to good people for help in getting a job.

”The profit margin is low and you end up using what you made to reward yourself; I got sick from walking for days in the hot sun.

”It is not easy. ‘I need a job to earn an income in order to invest in a business,’ said Appiah.

Call McSolomon Kwame Bechayenimoh Appiah at 024255 8999 to help him find a job.

A first-class graduate sells bread to survive

at the same time, Lawful I mentioned earlier about a first-class graduate who resorted to selling bread to make ends meet.

The woman whose story was shared on the verified Facebook account of Zionfelix Entertainment News indicated that she makes 50 pesos (about N1750) on every bread she sells.

According to her, she got first class in Purchasing and Logistics but after her national service, there was no chance of her being employed by any company.


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