Project Runway Season 19 Episode 11 Summary: Haute Hair

Last time, in the tenth episode of the nineteenth season of “Project Runway”, Chantal Footmann She became the first back-to-back winner of the season designing an elegant reunion dress for The Real Housewife of New York Louan de Lesseps. It was her third win overall, making her the most winning stylist of the season, outperforming Chasity pills And Christina KharlashkinaTwo wins each. Aaron Michael Stitch And Coral Castle They are the only designers who haven’t won a challenge yet, although Aaron has placed first six times so far. Bones Jones He won the first challenge of the season, but lay mostly “safe” for the rest of the time.

Below, read our “Project Runway” recap of season 19, episode 11, titled “Haute Hair,” to find out how she ran her last six collaborations with up-and-coming fashion designers on Thursday, January 13. In the comments section about your favorite designers on the Bravo reality TV show, who have the best aesthetics and who you think will eventually be crowned with the next big name in fashion.

The remaining six designers are: Bones JonesAnd Coral CastleAnd Kristina KharlashkinaAnd Chantal FootmannAnd Chasity pills, And Aaron Michael Stitch.

next Anna Chueliminate, Christian Siriano He immediately paid a visit to the remaining designers to put them on track for their next challenge (of the three remaining this season). join Eileen Weltroth On the catwalk to meet their up-and-coming models and hairstylists who will be the inspiration and collaborators for their next design. Eileen and Christian explained that they would be working with stylists to create a complete runway look inspired by the styling of the hair already on the companion model. Eileen emphasized that the final look should represent the strengths of both designers and designers.

To pair the stylists with her stylist and hair styling, Christian chose buttons from the bag, combining Coral and Archecia’s “creative pony” look, Chantal with Ulucci’s “banto knot” look, Aaron with Ariana’s “long braids” look, Christina with Aishat’s “chic and chic” look, and Bones With Kopper’s “creative bun” look, and Chasity’s look with Agnes and Davanay’s “twisted” look. The designers were all black women to raise the bar for up-and-coming black designers through the Future Fashion Designer Fund and other career opportunities. The first step in the collaboration was for the designers and stylists to meet each other and discuss the direction they wanted to take before heading to Mood to buy the fabric.

Returning to the studio to start designing, Coral expressed her goal to show the judges that she can do more than just dresses, so she started working on a jacket using leather. Chantal was also eyeing the leather outfit, which Christian gave her Mood crap as she pulled off the white leather drapery. Chasity envisioned a long-sleeved maxi dress using prints to match the crown that would be styled by hairstylists and Bones felt inspired by the concept of a “messy bun” to match her bunting evening dress. Aaron was trained by Christian to choose the vinyl for the raincoat he wanted to make, but this was a daunting task for someone who had never made a wearable raincoat before. During check-in, Christian was uncharacteristically supportive of the direction in which each of the designers was going.

When it came time for supermodel fittings, Christina faced a whirlwind of her no-bra model for clothes she actually made without a built-in bra. She had to reformulate the vision in order to avoid looking like pajamas. Chantal had more than one bump when the back of her leather pants splintered completely during fitting, forcing her to use whatever extra fabric she had (not much) to make the patch. But she was concerned that the repair would take time beyond the final embellishment of the gown, which could make it look patchy and sloppy on the runway. By the end of the day, all the designers were hoping to have a “miracle” to complete their designs in the allotted time of one day.

Before the runway show the next morning, Christina had mostly figured out her fitting problem by creating a mini top for her style that gave the look a sexier vibe. Aaron had second-guessed the neoprene suit he was making, so he started working on new pants, but after quickly putting it on his model, he decided a wetsuit was still the way to go. Unfortunately, every back and forth meant he was stuck with a poorly tailored suit he wasn’t happy with. And after seeing her model with the final hairstyle and clothes together, Coral wasn’t convinced the collaboration produced two styles that worked well together.

On the podium, the stylists said hi to the series’ judges, Eileen, Nina GarciaAnd Brandon Maxwell The judge is this week’s guest precious me. During the runway show, Chantal, Bones, Christina, and Chassetti were proudly beaming with their designs, but Coral was dismayed by the lack of coherence between hair and clothing, and Aaron was embarrassed by the quality of his creation. Judging by the judges’ results, Cristina and Chassetti topped the week. Nina thought the lines on Christina’s look worked well with the finger waves in the hair, even though Brandon let him down with her “bathing suit top.” However, Brandon praised Chassetti for her commitment to and engagement with the African Queen; He and Nina described it as an “impressive” embrace of the challenge that created a real moment.

Chantal got more mixed reviews. She was told that her vision and determination had all worked out, and Precious pursued the concept of making something for a musical artist. Eileen said it was head-to-toe knit, but there was some criticism across the board for her jacket. Bones was also in the middle: Eileen was fully supportive of the altered red dress she called “art,” but Nina and Brandon thought it didn’t quite achieve his vision along the way, and Precious thought a collaboration between him and him could have been the designer on a better cake.

Coral and Aaron’s designs are discussed at the bottom. Brandon thought what Coral had achieved at the time was impressive, but although he liked the outfit and the hair separately, he didn’t understand them both. Eileen tackled a few elements in her look and used Nina Coral as an example of how easy it is to drop a look when hair and makeup don’t work together. Eileen then gave Aaron the harsh truth that the suit he’s wearing under his raincoat was “tragic” and Brandon said he tried too much. Eileen’s problem was that what he chose to put on the runway didn’t sell what was otherwise a really strong trench.

During further deliberation, the judges agreed that Bones and Shantall were in the clear so they were immediately declared safe. From the top, Elaine announced that both Christina and Chassetti took up the challenge, but Chasity, whose appearance embodies “black girl charm”, was the clear winner by the jury. Then, at the bottom, Aaron and Coral fail to bring all the elements of their collaboration together cohesively, but The poor design and construction of Aaron’s appearance was a “tragic gaffe” that brought him home on his 40th birthday.!

in the next time: Designers prepare to take a photo that they have created an editorial look for that models will wear Coco Rocha.

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