Proviz Classic Waterproof Cycling Gloves Review

Proviz is probably best known for its highly reflective clothing that perfectly matches the demands of commuting. Away from the hustle and bustle of rush hour riding, these classic waterproof cycling gloves definitely seem to be everything you could want in a winter glove at a price that certainly doubles a lot of options in the best winter cycling gloves segment. So how well do they actually perform? Keep reading to find it.

Proviz Classic Waterproof Gloves

The classic waterproof cycling gloves are packed with cute details including touchscreen compatible fingertips (Image credit: David Arthur)

Design and Aesthetics

The lightweight, low-profile design with a waterproof lining puts these gloves in the “warmer but precipitation hazard” category. For the money, these classic waterproof cycling gloves are packed with cute details. They have a soft buffer lining, an adjustable hook and cuff, touchscreen compatible fingertips, a soft nose pad on the thumb and padded paws for vibration damping and comfort. Unlike many cycling gloves available in any color as long as it’s black, these come in a wide range of colors and all feature a heavy dose of reflectivity, which is the company’s trademark. There’s even a Reflect360 version that’s fully mirrored all around.

Proviz Classic Waterproof Gloves

The palm is given a silicone print for the grip, and provides a raised cushion to relieve pressure (Image credit: David Arthur)


Proviz designed our Classic Waterproof Cycling Gloves to be a tough winter choice when it’s cold or rainy. It features a Korean Hybora (I’ve never heard of this) a waterproof and breathable lining that’s meant to keep your hands dry when it gets caught in heavy rain. It’s a low-profile, low-profile glove with a flexible silicone palm dotted with padded sections for comfort. It’s available in five sizes, although it comes out a bit small in my experience, with the medium having fingers too small to be described as a perfect fit.

Proviz Classic Waterproof Gloves

The silicone grip continues on the fingers as the soft nose swab on the thumb and padded palms takes vibration damping center stage. (Image credit: David Arthur)


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