Review: Velocio Women’s Signature Long Sleeve

Velocio Women’s Long Sleeve Signature Jersey is great for dry and moderate riding. It does a great job of shedding the cold without any extra bulk, and thanks to its very thin, snug-fitting construction, it’s easy to layer on top to increase its proper temperature range.

The Signature Long Sleeve is designed to serve as an alternative to the jersey’s short-sleeve and arm warmer complex, and is worn as a mid-layer on cooler days, under Velocio’s Signature Softshell Jacket, for example.

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It’s made in Italy from a medium weight milled Italian gradient denim (61% polyamide, 25% polyester, 14% elastane) fabric designed to provide lightweight warmth. It’s extremely stretchy and the fabric hugs your skin for a proper race fit.

The narrow sleeves are great. It’s the perfect width and length for my arms, and it’s long enough to slip smoothly under the gloves so you don’t get that annoying bare skin gap.

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The torso, on the other hand, is a little shorter which I prefer, and as a result the silicone strap struggles a bit to keep the slightly lowered tail in place—the shirt wants to ride up to my waist.

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the fabric wicks away sweat well; It’s breathable, and performs well in warmer temperatures and those with more effort. The shirt offers UPF50+ sun protection so you can continue to wear it in the late spring and early summer days when it’s a bit cooler but the UV rays are still high.

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However, the shirt is less effective when the temperature drops, because it is in no way windproof or able to handle changing conditions on its own. However, since the fit hugs your body and the fabrics used are so thin, it’s easy to layer a Gillette, windbreaker, or waterproof jacket on top and still move freely during the effort. While it serves a very narrow purpose when worn on its own, a good fit helps it work effectively with other layers.

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In the back you have three pockets. It’s not huge – 16cm deep, at most – but the elastic band at the top ensures that everything inside stays in place, and it helps that the two outside pockets have slightly sloping sides so it’s easier to swing your arm to get a feed or like.

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There is also a zip file for valuables, which is a reasonable size – you can put keys or a wallet there, but large smartphones usually do not fit comfortably in it.

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There is a fairly small reflective logo and reflective tape 0.5 cm wide and 6 cm long on the outside edge of the right pocket; It’s not really enough to have an impact, in my opinion.

You do have the choice between four simple finish colors, though: deep sea, fire red, anthracite and army (which is what I tested).


At £150, this is very expensive. Emma was really impressed with the breathability offered by the precision-engineered Castelli for the women’s Jersey FZ, which has gone up since I’ve tested it but is still £25 less than the Velocio.

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There’s also a women’s version of the Rapha Pro Team Training Long Sleeve Shirt that Nick reviewed, and it offers a similar performance for £95.


Overall, this is a very comfortable and well made midcoat, and with such a thin body it is very easy to pair with windproof and waterproof for enjoying early morning rides that start to cool off and on those days when conditions are very changeable. Sleeves are just the right width and length for a smooth transition into a glove.

It’s a high price tag for a shirt that you often want to pair with protective layers on top, but this kind of layering system is a very good investment.


A breathable fitted jersey, long, thin sleeves that pair well with gloves

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Tell us what the product is

“Goldilocks for Riding Signature Long Sleeve layers reinterpret what’s perfect for fall riding,” says Velocio. “We choose an exceptionally breathable, moisture-wicking fabric for best-in-class temperature regulation. With a great lightweight design option, the Signature Long Sleeve works well as an alternative Standalone for shirt + arm warmers, or as a medium layer on cooler days under a Signature Softshell Jacket.”

Tell us more about the technical aspects of the product?

Velocio Lists:

Denier Gradient Italian medium weight milled fabric provides lightweight thermal protection, excellent wicking and breathability.

Quilted cuff sleeve and collar

Reflective logos and cut-out details for visibility

Waterproof zip pocket perfect for valuables

Ultra-soft hand feel, stretchy for excellent movement

UPF50 + sunscreen

YKK Zipper with inner flap and garage

Product ratings for build quality:


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More expensive than other options nearby with plenty of ventilation including Castelli’s Diagonal Women’s Jersey FZ (£125) and Rapha’s Pro Team Training Long Sleeve Jersey (£95).

How easy is the product to care for? How did you respond to the washing?

All the best when you wash it in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Tell us about the product’s overall performance when used for its intended purpose

Brilliant on its own in milder conditions and those riding with efforts that are drenched as well, thanks to the fabric’s high breathability, and thanks to its thin construction, it’s easy to pull off a protective layer on top for cooler/dimmer days while still moving quite freely.

Tell us what you particularly like about the product

A figure-hugging fit, especially the long, thin sleeves that pair well with gloves.

Tell us what you didn’t particularly like about the product

Price and short trunk.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

You might consider buying this product? Yes

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Gorgeous jersey with long sleeves and skinny fit gloves. While it works well in early fall, and therefore also in late spring, you can also wear a base layer on the bottom or a windbreaker or waterproof jacket or jacket easily on top while still moving freely during the effort. It’s a high price tag for a shirt that you often want to pair with protective layers on top, but this kind of layering system is a good investment.

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