Revolve by Hope Shores sells used clothes and buys hope through a new resale store | News

OSCODA – There’s a new thrift store in town, and it’s here to help fund the Hope Shores Alliance (HSA).

Revolve by Hope Shores is the name, located right downtown at 837 N. State St. in Oscoda. It is the arena that houses Spectrum, Salon 121 and Lighthouse Realty.

They opened on December 17 and are open every day of the week except Sunday and Monday.

Generally, they are open from 9 am to 5 pm

As is usual with thrift stores, they take donations and resell them to raise money for charity.

“In the past two years, opportunities for grants have steadily decreased, while the need for services continues to increase,” said a press release from the HSA.

“Revolve by Hope Shores will help the agency transition to a self-sustaining financial position that will help it expand and reach its mission.”

They sell clothes, jewelry, shoes, hats, purses, luggage, kitchen utensils and gadgets, board games, puzzles, art supplies, etc.

When it comes to securing funding for the HSA, CEO Valerie Williams says they haven’t bothered yet.

“Grant funding is never static, and after March 2020, when our Rogers City store, Seconds on Third, had to close for several months, we began planning for a more consistent source of income from fundraising and community outreach.

“Plus, we know that our thrift stores have always helped us stay connected and visible in the community so we can reach service-seeking survivors.

“It makes sense for us to return to Oscoda, a community where we also operate an outreach and service center, to provide an additional point of contact to support our community and those seeking support from us.”

She says that donating goods to the store is something that most people can participate in, even if they don’t have the extra money to donate directly. They enjoy supporting volunteering in the community as well, so when people get involved with Revolve, it’s a positive experience for their agency as well as the community.

100% of the proceeds go to the Hope Shores Alliance. The money generated by each of their agency’s thrift stores will support services for survivors in the 5 county area.

Hope Shores Alliance is a nonprofit agency that supports survivors and community partners throughout Alcona, Alpena, Iosco, Montmorency and Presque Isle County.

By offering shelter advocacy and education, they help people from all walks of life on their healing journey. They support and validate all survivors who have experienced trauma.


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