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Courtesy of Moncler

If you’ve loved this summer’s Tenniscore look, you’ll love this winter’s sporty, relaxed fit: après-ski.

A casual post-pitch outfit for shiny puffy jackets, thick cable knits, and everything from Fair Isle, post-ski got its first commercial lift from skaters in the ’50s and ’60s. Fashion has rethought the look and refreshed it every few seasons since then, in big ways (Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collection for Chanel in 2019, which transported guests to an alpine region covered in faux snow and decked out in mini chalets) and petite (a bit of après-ski) sweaters and winter accessories in Tory Burch, Coach, J.Crew, and more).

Like clockwork, après-ski debuted again in the fall/winter 2021 runway collections. This followed with new resort-ready snow capsules, including Isabel Marant’s exploration of ski fashion on Mytheresa and Gucci’s second collaboration with The North Face. Shoppers happily followed the designers in the fresh powder: In December, Lyst reported that global searches for jackets, pants, and ski suits increased in double digits, favoring classic brands like Moncler and Fusalp.

Apres-Ski clothing has its practical side, but it’s not just for hardcore skiers and snowboarders. Like tennis fashion that dominated summer 2021, it evokes an entire lifestyle. Every time you put on your après-ski, you’re taking advantage of comfortable luxury. For anyone experiencing another wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, après-ski is also a form of fashion escape — dressing for alpine lodges on your vision board even if you’re unable to travel. Below, find 25 pieces of après-ski apparel for the coolest winter yet, on the slopes or off.

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Aston jacket

Start your après-ski wardrobe with Halfdays, a label dedicated to ski gear by and for women. Former professional skier Kelly McKinnon is in the C wing, so you know this gear can handle high-altitude skiing with everyday winter wear. KEY DETAILS: All half day outfits are made from vegan materials and come in tall sizes. We love the Aston belted jacket, a classic after snowboarding layer from Princess Diana.

Tecnica Nylon Winter Waterproof Snow Boots

First, they were seen at every ski resort in the 1970s; Then, they had a comeback in the early 2000s; Now, they are once again the final touch to winter wear everywhere. Moon Boots have a distinct, pumped up look, futuristic and nostalgic; It’s also very warm, you won’t need thick socks.

Pro Fleece . collection

If you’re building an aprés-ski look for ski resort wear, you’ll need fleece layers underneath those waterproof jackets and ski pants. Bandier’s accessible collection will keep you cool with flair. Mix turtlenecks and thermal leggings with four different colors and styles, all in sizes XXS to 3X.

coat other material white

Celine’s fall/winter collection wasn’t as chock-full of Alpine references as its catwalk peers. But you can still find the ski chalet aesthetic if you know where to look, starting with this oversized jacket we can’t wait to round up.

Aurora ski pants

Ask true après-ski enthusiasts where they buy the most daring jackets and pants, and they’ll point out Perfect Moment. The brand’s designers are masters of blending ultra-functional features with catchy retro motifs, like these sky blue flare pants made of breathable and water-repellent fabric.


With coordinating chevron leggings and your new moon boots, you’re the epitome of après-ski style. If one set isn’t enough, we Norwegians are full of retro-inspired curators for snowy weekends.

Shearling Slipper

You don’t need snowshoes to participate in the latest après-ski wave. Flat shoes with indoor and outdoor soles fit just right—and, dare we say, more comfortable.

Camel cable jacket

When it comes to après-ski jackets, there are four words to guide you: bigger, better.

After the striped track pants

Mix these fleece pants with the loudest après-ski jackets you already have – or make them a matching set.

Curve Ski High Waisted Overalls

For skiers, snowboarders, and snowboarders of all sizes, ASOS has just updated its athletic apparel collection with cool-weather gear that won’t let you down. Start with a uniform that matches every ski jacket from classic to comic. And on top? Try the winter coats that caught our eye this season.

Ariel Gloves

Keep your hands warm and ready to text with these fingerless gloves.

Fair Isle Base Layer Leggings

It’s worth repeating: basic classes don’t have to be boring. When you want something a little more festive under your ski pants or with an off-duty jacket, swap out your black fleece-lined leggings with this pair.

Yenky Shearling and Leather Lamb

Whether you’re carrying snowboard accessories or charcuterie supplies by the fireplace, you’ll need a winter bag. Make it a themed Shearling canvas bag, courtesy of Isabel Marant’s first ski capsule.

Talisha Softshell Ski Suit

The ski experts at Bogner promise to keep those of us on the slopes this winter bundled up while standing. This color block jumpsuit is a slim fit, but has a discreet fleece layer inside for ultimate comfort.

Tignes . Hooded Puffer Coat

Winter whites have never looked or made better. The latest puffer coat from Frankie Shop is made entirely from recycled materials.

brothers and sisters

matic is The editor’s favorite for sustainable activewear, including ski jackets and pants that last for the seasons. While you’re browsing through his coats, don’t overlook his winter accessories like this cozy layer of dead wool. Matek describes it as a scarf that you don’t need to wrap: Pull it over your head and secure the straps, and the cold won’t reach your neck and shoulders.

Hitting the slopes Salopette

Women wanted more of the Free People Hit the Slopes jacket; Free People responded by reinterpreting its plush material as a full-blown ski jumpsuit. Between the soft fleece, spacious pockets, and the possibility of layering, this cozy piece is a must-have for any last-minute winter excursions on your agenda.

Merino Fair Isle Scarf

Take advantage of the après-ski lifestyle without diving into Fair Isle prints. See: Tory Burch scarf dipped in pattern.

Arya half button down sweatshirt

If you can’t resist another cardigan, choose a jacket from the base layer to ski to the top of the satin skirt and back.

Jia Ski Pants

The straps in place and the insulated flared legs will keep you feeling warm and well-dressed for the next snow day. And unlike many women’s ski pants on the market, these have roomy pockets.

Hugh Fair Isle Cardigan

Wear this vintage cardigan with a creamy ribbed turtleneck for nights by the fire. Hot toddy optional.

Montjoux Ski Technical Padded Jacket

Here’s the perfect investment jacket for extreme snow sports and casual winter walks alike. You’ll be comfortable on the chair lift in padded padding and a high neck, but you’ll still have some shape with the belt taut.

Avi camel hair hat

When you take off your ski helmet, that uncomfortable hat continues—and that doesn’t mean you need a mountain view to wear it.

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