Shoppers say Cushionaire shoes are the ultra-compact Uggs Dupe

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If you entered a middle school or went within 100 feet of a mall dining hall in the early 2000s, there’s a good chance you’ll remember the absolute stifling shoes that were in fashion for teens at the time. And if you’re like me and you (unfortunately) they were One of those little mall dwellers, you tossed your beloved husband(s) aside years ago only to see shoes re-enter the “off-duty” fashion scene nowadays – and have not known a moment of peace since.

ICYMI and Uggs are back, and supermodels can’t get enough of them. Seriously, everyone from Joan Smalls to Gigi Hadid has been spotted in Ultra-Mini Uggs for the past year, so much so that boots are now an essential part of a supermodel’s casual outfit for winter (something I need to have on foot, like, right now). ). If you want to get into the trend, but ditch your OGs and aren’t looking to shell out $150 on a new pair, we found an affordable option so similar that even your middle school self will be satisfied: Cushionaire Memory Foam Shoes on Amazon.

The slip-on features the same sturdy rubber sole, snug inner lining, and 3-inch shaft height as the Ultra-Minis, but for just $50, you can get three pairs for the same price as one. A native. They come in five different colors (including the popular chestnut shade) and sizes six through 11, and shoppers say they’re just as beautiful as the real thing.

One reviewer wrote, “I was looking for a less expensive Ugg alternative and these are the only ones I could find with a ‘too small’ look.” I love them. I’ve got several pairs of Uggs and this is a great trick! Better quality than expected.”

Besides looking great, shoppers say the memory foam shoes are warm, comfortable and the perfect shoe choice for long days on your feet. Plus, the thicker sole means you can wear the shoes outdoors to recreate the supermodel look on the go (green juice on hand, of course). Simply pair the boots with some leggings and a fleece jacket, and see your errand staple look sporty in just seconds.

Another reviewer wrote: “This is literally the perfect Ugg trick.” “For the price of real Uggs, I get three pairs of these! Great quality, comfortable materials and not cheap at all… [I] I got my normal size and it fit perfectly! I will definitely buy more.”


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