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We write about hundreds of products a week. Here, in our version of the Sunday post, we’ve picked some of our favorites – Recommended by experts Necessities Life changing things You didn’t know you needed it, the newly launched tools and very good deals We discovered as we wandered the vast world of online shopping last week, including a luxurious silk tank, an easy-to-clean rotator on the stove, and a WFH pain relief massager.

Clean and clear oil absorbent plates

TV presenter and entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek counts these facial cleansing and cleansing sheets among his favorites because they prevent him from “being too shiny in front of the camera.” It was first handed to him by the producers of his podcast, which was also filmed, and he has “used it in every episode since then”. Dyrdek says he “doesn’t usually wear his face,” but when he scores under bright lights and “gets pissed off, I tend to sweat a little — just enough to look a little shiny.” So he keeps a blotting sheet on hand to “pat my face down and make sure I always look fresh.”

Baggu 13 inch puffy laptop bag

While searching for a stylish and practical laptop bag, senior strategist Lisa Corsello was thrilled to find this quilted sleeve from Baggu. Resembling a “mini sleeping bag,” the sleeve is “quilted and filled with recycled polyfill, closes with a square inch of Velcro, and comes in seven different styles and two sizes: 13 inches for small laptops like the Macbook Air and 16 inches for larger ones,” according to Corcelo. . When she puts her computer in the ‘fun’ and ‘comfortable’ holster, she imagines she is ‘putting the laptop to bed’.

Shack Filling Cubes (Set of 5)

When we asked travel experts to share their favorite packing cubes, Briona Lambach — founder of Buoyant, a community for black travelers — recommended this Shacke set, which she says has been going strong since 2017. “They helped me pack more efficiently by maximizing my space,” she said. for us. “I feel more organized while traveling because packing cubes force me to be intentional about what to bring on a trip.” Since the set includes multiple sizes of packing cubes, the Lamback can mix and match depending on the length of its ride; She uses a large cube as well as a smaller one for a weekend getaway, but for a three-week long vacation, “I use the four cubes between my carry-on and checked bag.”

West Elm European Linen Linen Cotton Pick Stitch Quilt & Shams

Linens can be pricey, but we found a great deal on a Scandinavian-chic linen-blend duvet and pillow shams at West Elm: Several colors are currently available at 50 percent off. Made from European linen and cotton in an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 factory, it comes in lovely neutral shades like natural linen, burnt terracotta, and cool indigo and is filled with 100 percent recycled polyester. A queen size comforter with two matching shams is available as low as $135 or alone for a very reasonable $115. If you’re looking to upgrade your bedding in anticipation of the cold weather, don’t worry.

Hanro silk top with spaghetti

We consulted a panel of cool people to find the best women’s silk pajamas, and professional lingerie guru Kimmay Caldwell recommended Hanro for their “extreme dedication to quality fabrics and environmental causes.” Although this camisole may look like it’s made from a knitted fabric, it’s made of 100 percent silk — part of what Caldwell calls the brand’s “silk surprise.” Available in black and cream, Hanro says it’s designed for sleeping, lounging, and layering like thermal underwear.

Heat massager for neck and back

The best thing senior writer Karen Yorio Adelson has bought this year is a hot shoulder massager to help soothe her “broke” back, shoulders and neck. “Massage handles look like hands, they knead sore muscles and work to remove sore spots,” she writes. “It only takes one 15-minute session to soothe my stiff neck and shoulder, and it has become a treatment I look forward to at the end of the day.” Whenever she feels a headache coming on, she can usually stave off it “with a few minutes under the massager,” and says the heating element helps her “Imagine I’m at a spa and not just in my living room.”

I choke it!  Food Storage Containers with Lids (Set of 8)

Amazon reviewers love that these Popit! One customer says the containers “stack inside like Russian nesting dolls.” “They are great for saving space, which was a huge problem we had with the old Tupperware. Made a pleasant surprise!” Another reviewer with the containers is so pleased that they have asked them a whopping 14 times: “Now the refrigerators in our house, cabin, and boat are well organized and have more usable space. They seem to be Almost doubled the capacity of our mini boat refrigerator…it stacks and stays put even in undulating conditions on the boat.”

Zebra Sarsa Push Clip Gel Ink Pen

When we asked Australian Ballet Artistic Director David Hallberg what he couldn’t live without, he told us about this Zebra pen, which he discovered via Tomoko Dunbar, Head of Wardrobe at American Ballet Theatre. “They have the best point of writing, but they’re not brittle. And the ink isn’t weird. It’s very consistent, he told us. He’s particularly drawn to dark blue, which feels ‘a lot more comfortable to the eye,'” Hallberg says. I don’t like writing in black ink, and people who write in red are obviously angry.”

Farberware Classic Series Yosemite Stainless Steel 12-Cup Over the Stove

Kitchen and dining writer strategist (and coffee addict), Emma Watersman has finally found her forever coffee maker from Farberware, which has the honor of being the best thing I bought this year. Wartzman reports that the decanter is “less cumbersome than an Aeropress and pourer,” and because it’s made entirely of stainless steel, it’s “the easiest thing in the world to clean” because it “wipes easily” and all parts can be tossed in the dishwasher. If you’re a tea fan, she says it can do double duty: “The non-reactive material means it doesn’t cling to any coffee taste, so as long as it’s clean, you pour the tea into the same cup as you make your coffee grounds, and voila.”

Braggard Work Apron Chef's Apron

We polled a group of chefs and bartenders about their favorite aprons, and three of them mentioned this good-looking, budget-friendly style from Braggard. Anna Polonsky, founder of Polonsky & Friends, a consultancy that focuses on food, believes that it is “made of by far the best cotton on the market” and noted that “most bistros in Paris still use it.” Charlie Bennis, owner of White Bark Workwear, considered it, Braggard aprons are a favorite choice of many first-class “chef’s cute aprons”. “The linen helps it drape well so it doesn’t bunch up, and the blue color hides a lot of stains and has an association with classic French work clothes,” Bennes said.

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