Swati Gautam on the necessity of wearing tight clothes when wearing a strapless bra

Age or weight never hinder you from looking beautiful: if you celebrate your body, it will always be beautiful

Swati Gautam


Posted on 06.01.22, 12:40 AM

We live in unique times where opportunities often turn into disasters.

I’m speaking with specific reference to women’s clothing choices this wedding season. Regardless of who they are or who they are, many tend to wear “fashionable” clothes. Even if it is “traditional”.

There are no problems there, except that most of this category of clothing dispenses with a Dupatta/pick up on the chest. The upper body can be seen covered by the top / blouse /To make or to invent, but without the cloth draped over it. The style of the dress often leaves a strategic part of the body bare. It can be the back, shoulder or side. The result is that a bra cannot be worn under this garment lest it show through the bare part.

Now, given how the Western media instills our senses with the need for unrealistic, uniform, youthful, almost spherical lines that pass for female breasts these days, the mature woman here too might start looking for a tailor/designer who can replicate this look at her own body. It may be that many mature women have youthful bodies. But some don’t. Their bodies have changed over time, with childbirth, lactation, more childbirth and more lactation, menopause with such a massive change in a slow metabolic rate; She also matures with a loss of toning and weight gain, even if she will live from love and fresh air. And that’s totally fine, which we forget!

Why should the exported “fashionable” features of youth be imposed on such bodies? Dress makers suggest inserting a molded “cup” into the chest area of ​​the garment, so you can achieve the dual goals of a) getting rid of the bra and b) getting that cute, round look.

A mature body may not get into this trap. may hurt. So what might follow is this: The happy lady, having put on her dress, arrives at the party. The dress isn’t body-hugging on the chest, and there’s no breast support, so the “cups” might not serve their purpose at all, thanks to this thing called gravity. The awkward wearer panics and starts to fidget, but there’s not much to do at a wedding.

A strange shape appears in full view. Sometimes, even the wearer does not have a clue about the appearance of this strangeness. The evening somehow continues.

So, ladies, please remember: the only way to hold a top in the absence of a bra is to make it tight enough to protect the breasts from the effects of gravity. And age or weight never hinders you with a beautiful appearance: if you celebrate your body, it will always be beautiful. Please let’s not try to match our clothes. Let our clothes fit us.

The columnist is the founder and CEO of Necessity-Swati Gautam, a brand dedicated to brasseries. Contact: damityswatigautam@gmail.com

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