The 60’s hair scarf trend will appear in 2022

Hair accessories, especially those that were prevalent in the ’90s, seem to be making a big comeback these days. Styles that were once called outdated or even childish are now very trendy, and are worn by everyone from influencers to celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa. Accessories like scrunchies, butterfly clips, and headbands are leading the charge, ushering in a new wave of hair accessory trends—and making every ’90s kid wish they never ditched their childhood barrettes collection. Perhaps the most elegant trend was to return? hair scarf.

Hair scarves have a long history in the fashion world – they might instantly call to mind images of glamorous old Hollywood screen stars or vintage runways. However, there is no denying that they are classic pieces as well as practical pieces. Not only does a scarf protect your hair from the elements (or hide a less-than-ideal hair day), but it’s the perfect way to instantly enhance your look and add a bit of drama and fun. There are also endless styles to choose from, whether you’re going for a bright and bold style or tend to lean more toward neutral colors – and no matter what your hair is, adding a hair scarf can instantly elevate month-old braids, or messy waves. In an effortlessly elegant look.

Another great thing about hair scarves is that there are so many ways to wear them, so you can really make this trend your own. There is no shortage of inspiration on social media, especially TikTok where there are many tutorials on “how to tie a hair scarf”. Online clothing store American Thread has shared four simple yet elegant ways to wear a hijab on its video-sharing app, one of which includes another popular Y2K trend: tiny face-framing braids.

If you are up for a challenge, there are a lot of intricate ways to wear a hair scarf. A tutorial from TikTok userJeanneDordain went viral last summer (it garnered nearly 26 million views), inspiring quite a few viewers to try out the look. In the clip, Dordain splits her hair in half and then braids a silk scarf in each section before wrapping the braids around her head.

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