The best way to get rid of Vaseline from clothes

No matter how careful you are to cut your clothes, once you put them on, they will definitely end up getting dirty. But it’s better if it’s stained with things that can easily wash off (sweat and dust stains) rather than things that don’t, like blood, permanent marker, tomato sauce, and Vaseline (for every fresh home).

These stains can be very tough, and regular washing techniques aren’t enough to get rid of them. Special procedures are required to clean your clothes and make them wearable again. For example, if rust stains appear on your clothes, you will need vinegar, not just regular detergent, to remove the stains.

Vaseline – Vaseline, a household product used as a skin moisturizer, may not be as difficult to get rid of clothes as rust, but it remains one of the least desirable things on your clothes (via spruce). You can’t throw a cloth stained with Vaseline in the washing machine and expect authentic results.

You can get Vaseline out of your clothes using the heating technique

Vaseline is a type of greasy stain (according to spruce) that sticks to almost all types of fabrics. The good news? It can be best treated with the hot iron technique.

Scrape off the Vaseline as much as you can, using the sharp side of a knife (spoons will work fine too), per Hunker. Then fold a piece of tissue paper over the stained area and iron it carefully. Make sure to use a low setting, so you don’t burn the cloth. The heat will cause the grease to transfer from the garment to the paper towel. Keep changing the paper towels as they absorb the petroleum jelly until you are satisfied that the grease is completely gone from the fabric. Complete this process by tossing the affected cloth into the laundry to wash as usual.

Other ways to get Vaseline off your clothes

An iron works well, but it’s not the only way to get rid of Vaseline stains. You can use cornstarch to achieve this effect, in How to Clean Stuff. After removing as much petroleum jelly as possible from the fabric, apply cornstarch to the affected surface and leave it for about an hour. It will absorb grease residue from the fabric.

Dish soap is also great for removing Vaseline stains, according to Nosh Healthy Kitchen. After all, dish soap is made to get rid of greasy stains on cookware and flatware. They can get the job done on clothes, too. Remove as much Vaseline as possible, then apply dishwashing soap to the soiled area. Wash it slowly with warm water until you have removed all the greasy stains.

Isopropyl alcohol can also be used to treat Vaseline stains on clothes. All you have to do is soak the stained part of the rag in isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes, then proceed to scrub with a clean, damp towel until the desired cleanliness is achieved, according to Hunker.

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