The common thread between a vintage clothing store, pop group Shepherd, and the Mystery Road TV series

In the heart of a mining town in the Western Australian outback is an antique shop with a secret weapon.

Sue Pugl, owner of Sassy Sues in Kalgoorlie, knows it can be hard to find unique retro clothing in the area.

Blonde-haired woman standing between clothes shelves
Sue Pugl cares about old fashion and some friends in high places.(ABC Goldfields: Sean Tariq Goodwin)

Fortunately for her, Sue’s nephews and nephews make up the pop trio of Shepherds.


The Brisbane-based band, whose song Geronimo reached 400 million streams on Spotify this month, is helping stock the store with vintage clothes from their travels around the world.

Sheppard Arya
A framed portrait of siblings George, Amy and Emma Shepard with an ARIA award is in Sue’s desk.(ABC Goldfields: Sean Tariq Goodwin)

A framed picture of the siblings sits on Sue’s desk next to the locker, where the ARIA award in their hands is only noticeable upon closer inspection.

“I love bright colors and pinks,” says Amy Sheppard, discussing the secrets of shopping like a pro.

Amy Shepard Vintage Shopping
Amy Shepard booze shopping in Brisbane.(Supplied: Sue Bogle)

While shutdowns over the past two years have confined Sheppard’s tour schedule to Australia, their aunt’s shop is decorated with pieces from Germany to New York, thanks to the band’s previous world tours.

A blonde woman smiles while checking an old piece of clothing
Emma Shepard looks for the colorful pieces she is interested in when shopping for vintage.(Supplied: Sue Bogle)

Very family business

Sue says that while there are a lot of vintage items in the store, her mother, Zora, is the most valuable.

Zora Pugl, better known as “Baba,” helps Sue at the store and sheds more than a tear when she talks about her daughter and grandchildren.

Zora Bogle at her granddaughter's wedding
Baba is very proud of her family.(ABC Goldfields: Elsa Silberstein)

The 83-year-old is also no stranger to fashion, as she recently wore a designer gown to singer Emmy’s wedding this year.

Kalgoorlie clothes on the silver screen

Sheppard isn’t the only commercial show that associates with the vintage store in the Outback.

Mysterious Path: Origin
The third series of Mystery Road was filmed in Kalgoorlie Boulder, Western Australia.(supplied)

The crime drama Mystery Road: Origin, set in the ’90s, has just wrapped filming in Kalgoorlie in its most recent season.

The production crew used old clothes to dress the actors.

Inside Sassy's shop
Sue says she enjoys being surrounded by colorful clothes.(ABC Goldfields: Elsa Silberstein)

Sue says she is glad the TV crew found her.

“We’ve worked a lot together, they just say, ‘Oh, we need this,’ and I’m trying to find it.”

Terry Lamera in Sassy Sues
Lamira says the clothing store in Kalgoorlie has been an important part of decorating the staff this season.(ABC Goldfields: Elsa Silberstein)

Lamira said she usually had to get a buyer from Sydney to send the clothes to the production run.

Behind the scenes filming mystery road
The Mystery Road stylist says dimension can be a challenge when shooting in areas.(supplied)

“The biggest problem with regional funding and shooting in the regions, is that they don’t have a lot of stores, especially that kind of thing,” said Ms. Lamira.

“I hope this never goes away.”


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